Welcome to the Year Three page! Bienvendos al Tercero Grado

During the Spring term, year 3 have been learning all about the Caribbean. We identified where the Caribbean is on a world map and discussed key geographical features. We then compared this to the UK to identify what is similarities and differences. We learnt how the weather varies throughout the seasons and how the Caribbean experiences a hurricane season.

In English, we linked our topics to this and became expert fact finders to write our own non-chronological reports all about the Bahamas. We learnt so many interesting facts like there is a beach where the sand is completely pink and there is a different beach where you can swim with pigs in the sea. We also learnt about a colourful carnival which takes place after Christmas. We also listened to a story called Gregory Cool which is about a boy who goes to visit his grandparents in Tobago. We used this to help us plan a sequel about when Gregory’s family came over to the UK.  Finally, we took part in Fair Trade Fortnight where we learned what Fair Trade is, why it is important and how it helps farmers. We put all of this information onto a leaflet.

Science has been an exciting topic for us during the Spring term as we were selected to take part in a STEM project all about Polar Explorers. We learnt lots of information about Antarctica such as the animals who live there, how they have adapted for their habitat and how rising sea levels and increases in carbon dioxide are affecting their habitats. We also learnt what a polar explorer needs in order to survive their expedition and how they collect and store there food. At the end of the term, we were visited by a real life polar explorer who spoke to us about expeditions that she has been on. She even brought in clothing and equipment that she needs in order to survive and complete her job.