Improving Attendance

We work extremely hard at Rise Park to improve the attendance and initiate incentives to encourage good attendance.

Previously we have arranged for football tickets to Notts County, and tickets for a Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey match. Pupils were entered into a prize draw to receive these tickets. We have other prizes to be won later in the year for 100% attendance pupils.

On the last day of  each term we present Bronze, Silver or Gold Medals to those pupils who had 100% attendance.

During the year the House Trophy is awarded each half term to the team with the most points for attendance. Attendance certificates are awarded each month, half termly and termly for 100%.

We also monitor the class attendance on a weekly basis, the highest attending class of the week is awarded a Class Trophy to keep for the week, this appears to be a highly competitive award!

Many thanks for your continued support with encouraging attendance.

Winning Classes

24th September – Cuba 99.7%

13th September – Spain 99.3%

10th September – Tigers 100%

9th July 2021 – Colombia 100%

1st July 2021 – Tigers 97.9%

25th June 2021 – Spain 98.8%

18th June 2021 – Colombia 100%

11th June 2021 – Colombia 100%

28th May 2021 – Nicaragua 99.2%

21st May 2021 – Colombia 99.3%

14th May 2021 – Colombia 99.3%

7th May 2021 – Colombia – 100%

30th April 2021 – Colombia and Elephants 99.3%

23rd April 2021 – Tigers – 100%

Early Bird Scheme

Early Bird is a scheme to promote punctuality and attendance within school. Every child who arrives at school on time at 8.55am will write their name on a piece of paper to be added into a class box. This means that every child will have the possibility of having 5 entries into the prize draw per week. This will happen every day and on a Friday one name will be pulled out of each class box to be added to the prize box. Then on Monday’s assembly a winner for KS1/F2 and KS2 will be chosen to win a prize! So far the prize voted for by the children has been an ice cream – we may reconsider this as we get closer to winter!

Whole School Attendance

24th September – 96.7%

13th September – 95.5%

10th September – 96.5%

9th July 2021 – 93.7%

1st July 2021 – 93.6%

25th June 2021 – 94.5%

18th June 2021 – 95.5%

11th June 2021 – 96.6%

28th May 2021 – 96%

21st May 2021 – 97.3%

14th May 2021 – 96.6%

7th May 2021 – 96.6%

30th April 2021 – 97.7%

23rd April 2021 – 98.6%