We aim to support our #RiseParkers to develop in many diverse aspects of
life. Our ethos, curriculum and wider offer, are all underpinned by our four
key drivers: knowledge of the world; possibilities and enquiry; emotional
awareness; and diversity. These are the building blocks we feel are most vital
in preparing our pupils for the next stages in their lives.
As part of this aim, our #RiseParkers take on roles and responsibilities
throughout each school phase. Each of these form part of a micro
community which reflects the world beyond our school gates. Taking on
these roles develops pupils’ confidence, resilience and knowledge, helping to
prepare them more fully for adult life.
Our political system is led by our school council and comprises of six house
teams. We also have diversity; health and wellbeing; and knowledge of the
world teams to represent and lead on key areas. Children apply for different
positions, and others are involved in the fair selection process.
All of these roles involve developing enterprises which serve the needs of the
school community. For example, our Eco-monitors and gardeners host an
annual famers’ market, where produce from the class kitchen gardens is sold
to local residents. Money raised from these enterprises is spent in a
democratic way, as overseen by the school council. This is just one example
of how our political system gives all pupils a platform to voice their opinions,
and become active participants in school decision making and in the local

Structure of Roles and Responsibilities

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