Rise Park Virtual Sports Day

At Rise Park Primary and Nursery we are going to cap this academic year off with our first ever Virtual Sports Day (VSD) on the week commencing Monday 13 July 2020.


There are 6 events in total, the 6 events have been chosen from the Go For Gold challenges designed by the NST that I have set for our children via Showbie during the school closure.


This is great opportunity for you to create Sports Day at home, play music to motivate your performance, wear your favourite sportswear and maybe even compete against siblings. Parents can keep score and time whilst cheering on as the crowd or even join in the fun.

Please see the Home Score Card for instructions of how to record your results. Then the Virtual Sports Day Score (VSDS) achieved will be accumulated to your School House total.


Bronze, Silver and Gold VSD Criteria has been provided for each event for different key stages. If you achieve Bronze the participant will be awarded 1 point, Silver = 2 points and Gold = 3 points. After the 6 events the child will have a final score out of 18. This total will accumulate towards your child’s overall house score.


If your child is participating from home please submit your score card with your Child’s Name, House Colour (if known) and overall score out of 18 to Mr Jones by 4pm on Friday 17 July 2020 via Showbie or by e-mailing admin@risepark.nottingham.sch.uk.


It would be great if you could send us your pictures and videos for us to share on the school website and twitter!


The winning house for Rise Park Primary and Nursery School’s first ever Virtual Sports Day will be displayed on the website.

Virtual Sports Day Events

Event 1 – Speed Bounce


Aim of the game: To bounce from side to side as many times as possible in 30 seconds


How to play: Find yourself a doorway, a book or any house hold object get a family member to time.  Count down 3,2,1, go and start your jumps.  Jump from side to side over the object for 30 seconds and count how many bounces you achieve.  Ask the person timing to tell you went to stop. That way you can concentrate on jumping.


How to score: Count the number of successful bounces.  Bounces must be double footed and over the object to be considered successful. You score 1 point for each successful bounce.


Event 2 -Throwing Event


Aim of the game: To throw as your objects into the target as many times as you can in 60 seconds


How to play: Get 5 of the same objects and a target to throw them in either a washing up bowl, laundry basket, bin or bucket etc. Put the target on the floor, see criteria for throwing distance dependant on key stage and put down a marker. When the timer starts, start to throw the objects into the target one at a time, referee count of how many successfully land in the box. When you’ve thrown all 5, quickly run and collect them all up, run back to the marker and keep going until the 60 seconds is up.


How to score: 1 point for every object that lands in the target.

Event 3 – Shuttles


Aim of the game: To complete as many shuttles as you can in 30 seconds


How to play: Find a space, ideally outdoors where you can set up your shuttle run. Find 2 objects that you can use as your markers e.g. plastic tubs, toilet roll stood on its end, plastic plant pots etc. See criteria for shuttles distance dependant on key stage Stand next to one of the markers and on “go” run to the second marker and touch it with your hand. This counts as 1 shuttle. Then quickly run back to the start marker and touch that one with your hand. This counts as your 2nd score.  Keep going until the 30 seconds are over.


How to score: 1 point for every shuttle you complete in 30 seconds

Event 4 – Over and Under


Aim of the game: How many times can you go under and over an obstacle in 40 seconds


How to play: For this challenge you’ll need an obstacle, something that resembles a ruler or long stick balanced over two chairs works well. When the timer starts see how many times you can go over and then immediately under the obstacle. The participant must go over and under to score 1 point.


How to score: Count how many times you go over and under in 40 seconds.

Event 5- Coordination Event


Aim of the game: To complete as many catches of the ball rebounding off the wall as you can in 40 seconds


How to play: For this challenge you’ll need an object you can throw and catch, ideally a ball. First find a wall that you can throw a ball against, stand next to the wall then take 1 large step away from the wall and put down a marker. The challenge involves you throwing the ball against the wall then catching it before it hits the floor. The ball must be caught to count. You should complete as many throws and catches as you can in 40 seconds.


How to score: Count how many you do in 40 seconds.

Event 6 – Balancing Event


Aim of the game: To remain balanced for as long as possible


How to play: For this challenge you’ll need an object you stand on, a couple of thick books are perfect. First stand on your preferred leg and pull the heel of your non-standing leg into the bottom of your back. Referee begins time as soon as the foot comes off the floor.


How to score: Record the time the balance can be held for and See criteria dependant on key stage.


Virtual Sports Day Key Stage Criteria

Event 1 – Speed Bounce Bronze = Scores between 0 -5 Bounces


Silver = Scores between 5 – 10 Bounces


Gold = Scores between 11+ Bounces

Bronze = Scores between 0 – 8 Bounces


Silver = Scores between 8 – 16 Bounces


Gold = Scores between 17+ Bounces

Bronze = Scores between 0 -15 Bounces


Silver = Scores between 15 – 30 Bounces


Gold = Scores between 31+ Bounces

Event 2 – Throwing event Bronze = Scores 0-3 objects in target


Silver = Scores 3-7 objects in target


Gold = Scores 8+ objects in target


Throw 1 metre from target

Bronze = Scores 0-5 objects in target


Silver = Scores 6-12 objects in target


Gold = Scores 13+ objects in target


Throw 1.5 m from targets

Bronze = Scores 0-9 objects in target


Silver = Scores 9- 18+ objects in target


Gold = Scores 18+ objects in target


Throw 2m from targets

Event 3 – Shuttles Bronze = Scores between 0-4 of shuttles touched


Silver = Scores between 5-9 of shuttles touched


Gold = Scores 10+ of shuttles touched


Markers 1.5m apart

Bronze = Scores between 0-6 of shuttles touched


Silver = Scores between 7-11 of shuttles touched


Gold = Scores 12+ of shuttles touched


Markers 2m apart

Bronze = Scores between 0-9 of shuttles touched


Silver = Scores between 9-15 of shuttles touched


Gold = Scores 16+ of shuttles touched


Markers 2.5m apart

Event 4 – Over and Under Bronze = Scores between 0-2


Silver = Scores between 3-5


Gold = Scores between 6+

Bronze = Scores between 0-3


Silver = Scores between 4-6


Gold = Scores between 7+

Bronze = Scores between 0-4


Silver = Scores between 5-8


Gold = Scores between 9+


Event 5 – Coordination Event


Bronze = Scores between 0 – 3 catches


Silver = Scores between 4-6 catches


Gold = Scores between 7+


Bronze = Scores between 0 – 5 catches


Silver = Scores between 6-9 catches


Gold = Scores between 10+


Bronze = Scores between 0 – 7 catches


Silver = Scores between 7-14 catches


Gold = Scores between 15+


Catches must be one handed and made in alternate hands.

Event 6 – Balancing Event Bronze = Scores between 0- 3 seconds balanced.


Silver = Scores between 4- 7 seconds balanced


Gold = Scores between 8+ seconds balanced

Bronze = Scores between 0- 4 seconds balanced.


Silver = Scores between 5- 9 seconds balanced


Gold = Scores between 10+ seconds balanced

Bronze = Scores between 0- 6 seconds balanced.


Silver = Scores between 7-12  seconds balanced


Gold = Scores between 13+ seconds balanced

Home Virtual Sports Day Scorecard

In each box on the top row write the score  achieved by your child in each event and the second row is for the Virtual Sports Day Score (VSDS) either  1 point for Bronze, 2 points for Silver or 3 points for Gold (see key below). Then add the bottom up row to calculate that total VSDS score.

Submit score to Mr Jones by 4:00pm Friday 17th July 2020 via PE Showbie group for your year if you would like to take part. Do your bit for your house to win Rise Park primary and Nursery Virtual Sports Day 😊

  Name House Colour Event  1 -Speed Bounce Event

 2 –

Throwing event


3 -Shuttles

Event 4 -Over and Under Event 5 – Coordination Event 6- Balance Total VSDS Score





Bronze = 1 point Silver = 2 points Gold = 3 points

Thank you to all the fantastic children, parents and teachers who got involved with Virtual Sport Day. The winning house and champions on the first ever VSD are the Red House.

PE Curriculum

Foundation Stage

Pupils will develop basic Fundamental Movement Skills based on Agility, Balance and Coordination skills throughout the year. Pupils will be given lots of opportunities before or during their lesson period to practice and build upon these skills. Pupils will start to learn the importance of PE and why we do exercise on a regular basis. Pupils will understand the importance of respect for others and be able to collaborate effectively. Pupils will also develop and enhance their social skills.

Key Stage 1

Pupils will develop further their Fundamental Movement skills again based on Agility, Balance and Coordination. Pupils will be confident in the basic movements such as running, jumping, throwing and catching. Pupils will start to develop these skills and link them into other activities when taking part in various topics across the PE Curriculum. Pupils will be introduced into competitive activities, competing against themselves and sometimes against others.

Key Stage 2

Pupils will continue to develop Fundamental Movements Skills based on Agility, Balance and Coordination, and will use these skills to a broader range of activities that are sport specific such as Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Handball, Hockey etc… Pupils will enhance their communication and collaboration skills and will learn how to compete against others learning in the process how to win and lose, and demonstrate simple attacking and defending principles within modified small sided games. Pupils should start to develop strength, flexibility, different techniques and control and will compare their own and others performances. When comparing their own or others performances pupils will gain knowledge to identify strength and weaknesses and demonstrate how to improve.

Celebrating Swimming

By the end of Year 6 (2019) 93% of our pupils could swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of a least 25 metres, 93% could use a range of strokes effectively and 68% of pupils could perform safe self rescue in different water-based situations.

2019/20 Curriculum Overview

After School Clubs

Sport doesn’t just stop when the school day ends. Here at Rise Park Primary and Nursery after school clubs take place Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3.20 till 4.20pm. We aim to be inclusive to children across all the key stages. The Sports ambassadors regularly meet with Mr Jones to discuss which year groups will be given the opportunity to take part in each club. We introduce our pupils to sports that prove popular amongst our children and sports that wouldn’t ordinarily be accessible within the curriculum, such as Fencing, Handball, Boccia and Archery.

After School Club Overview 2019-2020

Term: Year 1/2 Year 3/4 Year 5/6
Autumn 1 Year 1 – Multi Skills Year 3 – Basketball Year 5 – Dodgeball
Autumn 2 Year 2 – Gymnastics Year 4 – Fencing Year 6 – Fencing
Spring 1 Year 1 – Gymnastics Year 3 & 4 – Tri Golf Year 5 & 6 – Badminton
Spring 2 Year 2 – Multi Skills Year 3 & 4 – Gymnastics Year 5 & 6 – Archery
Summer 1 Year 1 – Fencing Year 3 – Cricket Year 5 – Cricket
Summer 2 Year 2 – Fencing Year 4 -Cricket Year 6 – Dodgeball

Parents in for PE

Our Parents in for PE sessions are a fantastic method of marrying two important principles; families and physical exercise.  The chance for our parents to join their child’s PE lesson with our sports specialist Mr Jones is enjoyable for everyone. Year 6 loved learning about Crab Football, Year 5 performed a traditional Hakka dance, Year 4 served up a Tennis lesson and Year 3 parents came in for a game of Rounders. Year 1 and 2 will also be holding sessions before the year ends. Make sure you keep an eye out for your invitation.

Fun Fit

The aim of Fun Fit is to improve a child’s co-ordination skills and underlying postural stability and balance. The activities in the Fun Fit programme also refine hand-eye coordination, body awareness, spatial awareness and ball skills. The programme runs every half term from Tuesday to Friday before school. Children who attend the Fun Fit club often see an improvement in their ability to focus in the classroom and increased self-confidence.

The Sherriff’s Challenge is this years whole school initiative at Rise Park Primary and Nursery. The Sheriff’s Challenge can be done in school uniform during class time with the teacher or throughout a PE lesson as a good warm up with Mr Jones. Laps are ran on either our 50m course (KS1 playground) or 100m course (KS2) for as long as possible. The distance covered is logged on an iPad so the children can track their personal and class scores and work together to reach their goals.


Our well-structured competitive school sport programme offers the opportunity for all pupils to be involved in a range of sports and provide a meaningful experience, whatever their age or ability. Competitive sport develops a range of life skills which can support our students as they progress through school and into adult life, everything from the benefits of teamwork, resilience and leadership skills, to the respect and humility in handling success or disappointment. Hence naturally it’s of the upmost importance to allow our pupils to have these experiences through school sport competitions. Our year 3 and 4 children loved travelling to Harvey Haddon to compete in an athletics competition last term. Our year 4 Dodgeball team will be representing Rise Park Primary and Nursery competing against our local family of schools later this half term and upper Key stage 2 children are busy preparing for the Cricket competitions planned for later in the summer.