Welcome to our Governors Section

Please find below details of how our Governing Body is structured, including name, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each governor.

Who are the school governors?

The Governing Body consists of the following

  • Parent Governors
  • Staff Governors (including the Headteacher)
  • LEA appointed Governors
  • Community Governors

You can contact the Chair of Governors by email at admin@risepark.nottingham.sch.uk

For the Academic Year 2021-22, Governing Body comprise of:-

  • Mrs Jeanette Kirkby (Chair & Co-opted) – Pupil Premium/Sports Funding; Standards and Achievement Maths
  • Mr Chris Martin (Vice-Chair & Parent) – Safeguarding; Health and Safety
  • Mr Chris Pallender – (Co-opted) – Pupil Voice; Parental Involvement
  • Mrs Janet Molyneux (Co-opted & Staff – School Business Manager)
  • Mrs Natasha Kelly (Staff – Head Teacher)
  • Mr Keith Brothwell (Co-opted) – SEND; Equal opportunity and LAC
  • Mrs Jo Hale (Co-opted) – Standards & Achievement to include curriculum English
  • Mrs Sally McDonnell (Parent) – EYFS; Staff Health and Wellbeing
  • Mr Shadbolt (Staff )
  • Miss Sue Richmond (Staff)
  • Mr Ben Ford (Co-opted) – Attendance; RSHE

What do the Governors do?

The role of the governing body is to take a largely strategic role in the running of the school. This includes:

  • Setting up a strategic framework for the school and helping to decide the school’s strategy for improvement;
  • Setting it’s aims, objectives and priorities;
  • Agreeing policies and targets for achieving the objectives;
  • Monitoring and reviewing aims, objectives and whether the policies, targets and priorities are being achieved;
  • Acting as a critical friend by asking questions and push for improvements as well as promoting the interests of the school and its pupils;
  • Ensure accountability by discussing and refining proposals while respecting the professional roles of the Head Teacher and other staff. In its turn the governing body answers for its actions to parents and the wider local community for the school’s overall performance.

The governing body is not responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school. This is the responsibility of the Head Teacher.

Powers and duties of the Governing Body

The governing body has general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement.

  • setting appropriate targets for pupil achievement at Key Stages EYFS, 1 and 2
  • Managing the school’s budget
  • Reporting National Curriculum assessments and examination results.
  • Appointing the headteacher and deputy headteacher, determining how the appointment of other staff will be managed and establishing procedures for management of staff conduct and discipline and staff grievances;
  • Reviewing the school’s performance management policy.
  • Managing governor’s duties to pupils with Special Educational Needs under Section 317 of the Education Act 1996; and
  • Drawing up an action plan after an inspection.

For more information or to express your interest in being a School Governor in the city of Nottingham, visit here.

Please note that the Complaints Policy is available in the Policies section of this website. Should you have cause for complaint then please contact the class teacher in the first instance or speak to the Head Teacher, Mrs N Kelly.

Governing Body Impact Statement

Governor Impact Statement 2020 2021

Governor Information and Register of Business Interests


Governor details Category Appointed by Term of Office Committee on which they serve Role/Responsibility Relevant business interests / Relationship to school staff
Mrs Jeanette Kirkby (Chair) Co-opted Governing Body 4 years

Start Date:  29.03.21

Finance & General Purposes Committee,

Pay Committee,

Pupil Discipline Committee (If needed),

Staff Discipline and Dismissal Committee

Chair of pay committee,

Pupil & PE Premium Governor, HR Governor, Maths Governor and

Outcomes for pupils




Mr Christopher Pallender


Co-opted Governing Body 4 years

Start Date:


Finance & General Purposes Committee,

Personnel, Pupils & Curriculum Committee,

Pay Appeals Committee,

Pupil Discipline Committee,

Staff Discipline and Dismissal Appeals Committee (If needed).

Health and Safety None  





Mr Chris Martin

(Vice Chair)

Parent Parent/Carers 4 years

Start Date:


Personnel, Pupils & Curriculum Committee, Staff Discipline and Dismissal Appeals Committee. HT Appraisal Governor, Personal Development, Safeguarding, Pupil Premium and Health and Safety None
Mrs Janet Molyneux (Business Manager) Staff Governing body 4 years

Start Date:


Finance & General Purposes Committee,

Personnel, Pupils & Curriculum Committee

Pupil & PE Premium,

Outcomes for Pupils



Mrs Natasha Kelly (Headteacher) Headteacher Local Authority Headteacher Personnel, Pupils & Curriculum Committee Headteacher None  



Mr Keith Brothwell Parent Parents/Carers 4 years

Start Date:


Finance & General Purposes Committee, Staff Discipline and Dismissal Committee. Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare, Pupil Premium and Positive Handling




Jo Hale Parent Governing body 4 years

Start Date:


Personnel, Pupils & Curriculum Committee,

Pay Committee

Teaching & Learning to include English and SEND None  


Ben Ford Co-opted Governing Body 4 Years

Start Date:


Finance & General Purposes Committee, Attendance, Outcomes for Pupils None
Sally McDonnell Parent Parent / Carers 4 Years

Start Date: 21.12.18

Finance & General Purposes Committee Early Years Governor None
Sue Richmond Staff Governing Body 4 Years Start Date:16.07.20 Personnel, Pupils & Curriculum Committee Teaching and learning None
Matthew Shadbolt Staff Staff 4 Years Start

Date: 24/02/20

Personnel, Pupils & Curriculum Committee Teaching and learning None

Our Governors have no governance roles in other Educational Institutions.

Academic Year 2020 -2021 Attendance at Meetings

Autumn 2020 Spring 2021 Summer 2021
Governor Name FGB
















Mrs J Kirkby Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mr C Pallender Y Y Y Y A A Y
Mr K Brothwell A A Y Y A A
Mr B Ford Y Y Y A Y A Y
Mrs R Goodinson Y Y Y Y Y Resigned spring term 2021
Mrs J Hale Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mr C Martin Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mrs S McDonnell Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mrs J Molyneux Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mrs S Richmond A Y Y Y Y
Mr M Shadbolt Y Y Y Y A A A Y
Mrs N Kelly Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y