Welcome from the Chair of Governors’

Following the latest school self evaluation in Summer Term 2016, we believe that Rise Park Primary & Nursery School is now providing an outstanding education for our pupils. The Challenge Partners review in March 2016 provided external validation for this belief, which has been further endorsed by a recent School Improvement Partner Report, November 2016.

For the Academic Year 2019-20, Governing Body comprise of:-

  • Mrs Jeanette Kirkby (Chair & Co-opted)
  • Mr Chris Pallender (Co Vice-Chair)
  • Mr Chris Martin (Co Vice-Chair)
  • Mrs Janet Molyneux (Co-opted & Staff – School Business Manager)
  • Mrs Natasha Kelly (Staff – Head Teacher)
  • Mr Keith Brothwell (Co-opted) – Safeguarding
  • Mrs Jo Hale (Co-opted)
  • Mrs Sally McDonnell (Parent)
  • Mr Shadbolt (Staff )
  • Miss Sue Richmond (Staff)
  • Mr Ben Ford (Co-opted)

Governor’s Role

The Governing Body is a key part of the leadership and management of the school and the three key roles are:-

  • To provide strategic direction for the school – vision, ambition, budget planning, staff recruitment, classroom resources, site infrastructure, school model,  succession planning, performance pay, single status, workplace parking levy etc
  • To act as a critical friend to the Headteacher (Mrs Kelly) – providing support and challenge against the Ofsted judgement areas.  Challenge feeds into the  annual school improvement plan, with agreed progress and attainment targets set with the school improvement partner, reviewing the school’s strength and weaknesses, challenging areas for improvement.
  • To ensure accountability – we have at least two Governors each with responsibility for key cross cutting themes of Safeguarding, SEND, Health & Safety, and Pupil Premium, as well as the Ofsted judgement areas.

For more information or to express your interest in being a School Governor in the city of Nottingham, visit here.

Examples of challenge

1) Stakeholder views – As our principle stakeholders, parent or carer’s are surveyed annually against the Ofsted twelve questions.  Completed online Ofsted Parent View surveys can be seen here. Discussions are always held at the next Governor’s meeting with any issues or suggestions actioned through the Headteacher.

2) Staff resources – support for expanding leadership team and challenge of operational gaps to ensure that a school with growing numbers is adequately staffed, throughout the school and throughout the school day.

3) Pupil premium – the pupil premium Governor reps ensuring that impact was evidenced and published on the school website.

4) Stretching ambition – Governors asked about the number of Level 6 entries ahead of the 2015 KS2 SATS assessments. This  promoted a discussion in the Senior Leadership Team with further entries for assessment at Level 6 being made and achieved in both Maths and Spelling Punctuation & Grammar (SPAG).

5) Academic targets – Governors are consulted about targets in attainment and progress and have been given regular updates about how the school has adapted to the new assessment system (formerly based on levels), with very pleasing results for the first time around in 2016. For more information about the latest Summer 2016 results, please see ‘School Performance Tables’.

Money matters

The Finance & General Purposes committee approve the annual school budget in the spring, initially put forward by the School Business Manager via the Head, Deputy Headteacher and Chair of Governors. The budget includes all the resources and support services needed and also provides termly statutory reports to the local authority about how we are performing against the budget. A benchmarking report is available on the website. We have a scheme of delegation in place and beyond £10,000, spending plans have to be approved by Governors. For example we have updated the IT suite in school during the last few years and purchased laptops for the pupils use rather than the desktops. Recently the install of a new Fire Alarm system for the school was completed in the Summer of 2020 at a cost of just under £32,000. This was highlighted as part of the Local Authority Fire Risk Assessment and is a crucial part of the school’s health and safety programme to protect all users.  Each term the Health and Safety Governor reviews Health & Safety issues with the Site Management team and they support any remedial work recommended through Janet Molyneux, the School Business Manager.  Finally, we have dedicated Pupil Premium rep (Jeanette Kirkby) who advises on how to spend the funding more effectively and detail the impact being made.  Please see separate section within Key Information on Pupil Premium and also PE & Sports Grant.

Jeanette Kirkby

Chair of Governors

email: admin@risepark.nottingham.sch.uk

Please note that the Complaints Policy is available in the Policies section of this website. Should you have cause for complaint then please contact the class teacher in the first instance or speak to the Head Teacher, Mrs N Kelly.

Governor Information and Register of Business Interests


Governor details Category Appointed by Term of Office Committee on which they serve Role/Responsibility Relevant business interests / Relationship to school staff
Mrs Jeanette Kirkby (Chair) Co-opted Governing Body 4 years

Start Date:  29.03.17

Finance & General Purposes Committee,

Pay Committee,

Pupil Discipline Committee (If needed),

Staff Discipline and Dismissal Committee

Chair of pay committee,

Pupil & PE Premium Governor, HR Governor, Maths Governor and

Outcomes for pupils




Mr Christopher Pallender

(Co-Vice Chair)

Co-opted Governing Body 4 years

Start Date:


Finance & General Purposes Committee,

Personnel, Pupils & Curriculum Committee,

Pay Appeals Committee,

Pupil Discipline Committee,

Staff Discipline and Dismissal Appeals Committee (If needed).

Health and Safety None  





Mr Chris Martin

(Co-Vice Chair)

Parent Parent/Carers 4 years

Start Date:


Personnel, Pupils & Curriculum Committee, Staff Discipline and Dismissal Appeals Committee. HT Appraisal Governor, Personal Development, Safeguarding and Pupil Premium None
Mrs Janet Molyneux (Business Manager) Staff Governing body 4 years

Start Date:


Finance & General Purposes Committee,

Personnel, Pupils & Curriculum Committee

Pupil & PE Premium,

Outcomes for Pupils



Mrs Natasha Kelly (Headteacher) Headteacher Local Authority Headteacher Personnel, Pupils & Curriculum Committee Headteacher None  



Mr Keith Brothwell Parent Parents/Carers 4 years

Start Date:


Finance & General Purposes Committee, Staff Discipline and Dismissal Committee. Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare, Pupil Premium, Safeguarding and Positive Handling




Jo Hale Parent Governing body 4 years

Start Date:


Personnel, Pupils & Curriculum Committee,

Pay Committee

Teaching & Learning to include English and SEND None  


Ben Ford Co-opted Governing Body 4 Years

Start Date:


Finance & General Purposes Committee, Attendance, Outcomes for Pupils None
Sally McDonnell Parent Parent / Carers 4 Years

Start Date: 21.12.18

Finance Committee Early Years Governor None
Sue Richmond Staff Governing Body 4 Years Start Date:16.07.20 Personnel, Pupils & Curriculum Committee Teaching and learning None
Matthew Shadbolt Staff Staff 4 Years Start

Date: 24/02/20

Personnel, Pupils & Curriculum Committee Teaching and learning None

Our Governors have no governance roles in other Educational Institutions.

Academic Year 2020 -2021 Attendance at Meetings

Autumn 2020 Spring 2021 Summer 2021
Governor Name FGB
















Mrs J Kirkby Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mr C Pallender Y Y Y Y A A Y
Mr K Brothwell A A Y Y A A
Mr B Ford Y Y Y A Y A Y
Mrs R Goodinson Y Y Y Y Y Resigned spring term 2021
Mrs J Hale Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mr C Martin Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mrs S McDonnell Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mrs J Molyneux Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mrs S Richmond A Y Y Y Y
Mr M Shadbolt Y Y Y Y A A A Y
Mrs N Kelly Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y