This half term, Key Stage 2 took part in a theme week to celebrate diversity. Through this, we focussed on different types of disability. Each year group had a specific area of disability to focus on and studied a famous person who has that disability to see how it has impacted their lives, how they have overcome challenges and the achievements they have accomplished. We started the week with an exciting launch assembly where every child got a taster of sign language from one of our lovely parents. 

Year 3 

Year 3 studied blindness and visual impairment and started of their week by exploring what a blind person might find difficult and how that difficulty might be overcome. They focussed on Wanda Diaz-Merced, a blind astrologist, and were inspired by her development of a way to hear the universe rather than seeing it. The children showed empathy as they experienced for themselves what it might be like to be blind through a blindfolded walk, they read braille books and used their pencils to punch their own braille messages. 

Year 4 

Year 4 focussed on deafness with a focus on the actress Rose Ayling Ellis. They explored why she is a great, deaf role model and addressed issues with stereotypes by exploring her life and achievements. They took part in lip reading activities and discussed ways they could make their communication clearer for deaf people to ensure inclusivity and had time to reflect on their own views of disability. In addition, year 4 enjoyed a session learning sign language with an expert parent visitor.

Year 5 

Year 5 spent the week exploring learning difficulties. They spent time interviewing our school SENDCO about what autism is and how those with autism can be supported. They then focussed on a case study of Rav Wilding, a former police officer come TV presenter, from which they discussed the importance and responsibility we each have to challenge prejudice and discrimination. In order to empathise with those who have autism and think of ways they could adapt their behaviour to support others, the children took part in an overstimulation activity before discussing how this made them feel. 

Year 6 

Year 6 studied physical disabilities with a particular focus on cerebral palsy. They started off by exploring the condition, how it affects people differently and looking at charities which support those with physical disabilities. Olivia Breen inspired the children as a Paralympian who showed resilience and determination to identify her strengths and use those to achieve great things. The children used this to identify each other’s strengths and identify how we are all special through our unique differences. In addition, Year 6 looked in detail at how prejudice and discrimination are prevalent through online trolling and discussed more positive ways to respond to certain situations. Finally, they held a debate to evaluate the inclusivity of different sporting events.

To conclude the week, the KS2 children prepared presentations and shared their learning with children in KS1 as different classes paired up to collaborate. What a fantastic week!