We had a fantastic carnival week towards the end of our summer term.  It began with an exciting assembly lead by Vania from ABC dance company. She showed us some vibrant and extravagant carnival headdresses and demonstrated dance routines from around the world. Each year group took part in a dance workshop and had the chance to try out Samba and Frego dancing.

During the week, each year group linked their curriculum work to the carnival. They chose their own country to research and linked all learning to this. The children used their art and design skills to create and construct carnival costumes and floats out of recycled materials. They explored a variety of music and rhythms and performed dances for our parade. They created interesting fact files about their chosen country and they discussed religious celebrations and the similarities and differences between them.

Our week ended with a carnival parade. Each year group showed each other their creations from the week by parading through school to a piece of music from their chosen country. The children then came together to perform a whole school dance to Waka Waka by Shakira. An amazing, fun, creative and memorable week was had by all!

Nursery- Spain

Nursery chose Spain as their country for our carnival parade. The children had the opportunity to try different Spanish food. They also learnt what the Spanish flag looks like and had the chance to make flags throughout the week, as well as; carnival crowns and maracas, which they wore and used for the carnival parade.

Reception- Africa

Reception linked their carnival parade to Africa. The children made African animal masks which they wore when they paraded to a song from Lion King. They learnt how to say hello in Swahili- “jambo”. They also learnt about the different animals that live in Africa and practised different African dances.

Year 1- Colombia

The children in Year 1 chose Colombia as their country for our carnival parade. They learnt about the flower festival in Colombia called Medellin. They made beautiful flower arrangements called Silletero, which they wore as the paraded.

Year 2- China

The year 2 children linked their carnival parade to China. They made a fantastic dragon float which they held as they paraded round school. The children learnt about the different celebrations and traditions they have in China. They also discussed what the climate is like in China and where China is located on a map.

Year 3 – Dominican Republic

Year 3’s carnival parade was inspired by the Dominican Republic’s annual La Vega carnival. They researched the country and learned about its geography before making instruments and carnival masks to wear in the parade.

Year 4 – Mexico

Year 4 were inspired by Mexico’s annual holiday, ‘Day of the Dead’. They made a skull float and skull masks to reflect what they had learned about this cultural holiday, and danced to a Spanish song, La Bamba.

Year 5 – Brazil

Year 5 linked their Brazilian carnival parade to their Rainforest topic learning this year. They painted Brazilian rainforest animals and made rainforest inspired headpieces, skirts and capes. They paraded to a Brazilian samba song.

Year 6 – Cuba

Year 6 studied the history and culture of Cuba to create their carnival parade. They create a vintage Cuban car for their float, Cuban flags, and wore head dresses and arm