Summer 1 2024

Spring 2024

In DT we have designed and made our own “Worry Monsters”.  We began by evaluating commercially available worry monsters before designing our own.  We then practised the running stitch.  Next, we created our own pattern, with a seam allowance. After that we stitched them together, adding embellishments such as eyes before stuffing them and loving them!

During our history sessions we have been learning about Viking invasions of Britain.  We have explored their impact by using secondary sources: books, websites and pictures as well as primary sources: artefacts and eyewitness accounts. We have investigated how the Anglo-Saxons responded with the invaders.

During this half term we have been taking part in The Great Project. This is delivered over 4 weekly sessions and is designed to promote healthy relationships and domestic abuse awareness to Year 5 pupils.

In science we have continued to explore the properties of materials.  We have planned and carried out an investigation to answer the question: “Which material is the best thermal insulator?” as well as applying our skills of sieving, filtering, using magnets and evaporation to separate materials.

In English we have studied Macbeth by William Shakespeare.  We undertook many drama activities to really understand the text and the characters before writing letters and speeches in character.  We have also read Arthur and the Golden Rope, using the story to inspire newspaper reports.

During our computing sessions we have used Scratch to write our own code to program a sprite to perform different commands.  This has been great fun!!

In art we have investigated different ways of printing and dying. We have use masking tape, wax resist, tie-dye and batik.  We have explored the art work of Sarkasi Said.

During our RE sessions we taken a deeper look at the beliefs of Christians.  We have looked at the core beliefs of the Holy Trinity and Holy Communion as well as reading important stories and identifying what is important to Christians.

In Geography we have looked at Europe with a particular focus on Iceland.  We have use paper and digital maps to locate different countries within Europe.  We have identified and compared the human and physical features of Iceland and the UK.

In English we have been reading the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Using different drama techniques to explore the main characters and their actions as well as in understanding Shakespeare’s language.

In science we have been investigating the properties of different materials.  We have also explored how to separate materials by filtering, sieving and evaporation.

In PE we have worked together to create and refine a sequence of gymnastic movements.

Autumn Term 2023

In History we have been learning about The Ancient Greeks.  We have studied what life was like in the City States of Ancient Athens and Sparta.  We investigated Ancient Greek buildings looking at their design and purpose and we worked together to build our own models.  We have also looked at the origins of the Olympic Games and the beliefs of the Ancient Greeks.  In order to learn about the Ancient Greeks we have continued to develop our skills of using primary sources of evidence, artefacts such as bowls, plates coins and bottles and secondary sources like books, the internet and videos.

In Art we were inspired by the work of Eleni Vernadaki and the ceramics left by the Ancient Greeks to design and make our own clay pot.  We practised using the pinch or coiling techniques before designing our own pot. We then worked with Maria who helped us use these techniques to make and glaze our pots.  They are currently in the kiln being fired a process which take time as newly pots have to dry for two weeks before being fired over a few days and left to cool.

In DT we have designed and made scones.  We have tested and researched scones that are already available and inspired by the ingredients found in Greece and some that we have previously sampled we have made our own designs considering ways of working hygienically and considering food allergies and intolerances.

In Science we have been learning about forces.  We have investigated friction, air and water resistance as well as gravity.  We have learned how to use a force meter and used secondary sources to investigate the Life of Sir Isaac Newton.  We have lean looked at different mechanisms such as gears (including gearing up and down) levers and eventually pulleys in order to use forces to help us move and lift things using less energy or people power.

In writing, we have been inspired by the stories and characters of Ancient Greece.  We have read The Adventures of Odysseus by Hugh Lipton and have written a character description of Odysseus before writing our own version of the story of Cyclops.  This half term we are reading Who Let The Gods Out by Maz Evans.  We have written a diary in character as Eliot and we are currently writing a blog in the character of Virgo.