Summer 1 Planning 2020-2021

Spring Term 2 Planning 2020-2021

This half term, we will be focusing on learning about the Anglo-Saxons in our history topic, which will be further enhanced by studying the epic poem of Beowulf, by Michael Morpurgo.  In English we will be writing newspaper reports on Grendel’s attack and formal letters by the Anglo-Saxon King, Hrothgar. In RE, we will be studying about religion and the individual and how this relates to Christian practices at Easter. Our DT project will be linked to our science focus on forces, where we will be learning all about pulleys. In PSHE, we will explore how we can make informed choices in order to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. In music, we will be getting funky as we rap with the Fresh Prince of Bell Air!

Spring Term 1 Planning 2020-2021

For the first half term we will be doing lots of work all about the classic narrative poem The Highwayman.  In English, we will be writing character descriptions of the Highwayman himself, using figurative language, and writing diary entries in the role of Tim the ostler. In Science, we will be learning about forces such as gravity, air resistance and water resistance. In art, we will be looking at creating textures of magnified materials through the media of collage. In RE, we will focus on spiritual expression in Christian music and worship. In music, we will enjoy romantic ballads by artists such as Adele.  In ICT, we will be learning how to create and use databases and in PSHE we will be exploring how to achieve our dreams and goals.

Autumn Term Planning 2020-2021

For the first term in Year 5, we will be delving into the rainforests of South America…

Our focus novel will be “The Explorer”: an adventure story following the lives of four children stranded in the Amazon rainforest. In our writing, we will discuss the impact of deforestation, develop an alternative chapter for the book and we will also describe a setting through our use of figurative language.

In Geography, we will plan a journey from the United Kingdom to Costa Rica, analyse the water cycle within a rainforest setting  and we will learn in greater detail about the different layers of the rainforest.

In Art, we will develop a range of watercolour techniques in order to create our final painting: a watercolour pattern of different leaves found within the rainforest.

In D&T,  we will design and make our own cushion cover taking inspiration from aspects of the rainforest through the use of batik printing.

This term, our PE session will be on a Wednesday: this means that your child will need to wear their kit to school every Wednesday.

We will only be swapping books once a week from now on. Our book swap day in Year 5 will be on a Friday, so please make sure that your child brings their borrowed reading book in on this day so that they do not miss their opportunity to select a wonderful new book.

Spring Term Planning 2019/2020

Anglo Saxons

How do we know? What does historical evidence reveal about Anglo Saxon life? We look forward to learning about the Anglo Saxon invasion and life in those times through the exploration of a range of primary and secondary sources, particularly as we search for clues while looking at some real Anglo Saxon artefacts. We will also look closely at how this period fits on the historical timeline and compare it to other historical periods that we have studied. We will also be holding an Anglo Saxon day in school this term, which will enhance and bring our topic alive! Our class book, Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo, will keep us entertained with tales of Anglo Saxon and Viking feuds. As many Anglo Saxons converted to Christianity when they arrived in Britain, we will link this topic with our RE, where we will look at spiritual expression and describe the impact of religious music on those who sing and play it.