Spring Term – 2024

Autumn Term 2 – 2023


Using example texts about Japan we have written our own non-chronological reports about Rise Park, sharing key facts and discussing the human and physical features of the area.  After our walk in the local area we were inspired to write to the local council about the rubbish in the area using adjectives, fronted adverbials and rhetorical questions to help make our points.


Using the local area as our focus location we developed our understanding of maps and aerial photographs and human and physical features.  We used a map to track the journey we took as we walked around our local area.  Using aerial photographs, we were able to understand how aerial views are created and developed our understanding of maps by creating a map of both our classroom and a small section of the local area.  We can now confidently identify which features are human and which are physical.


To launch our geography topic we took part in some fieldwork in the local environment developing our sense of place.  We visited 3 areas around school including the nature area and the car park.  We compared the amounts of noise, litter, colour and safety of each area.


We have bene inspired by the work of Artist Michelle Reader and were lucky to have a virtual meeting and studio tour with her during our topic.  We learnt new ways to join materials including flanges, tabs and tying.  Using all these techniques we designed and made our own sculptures from recycled materials just like Michelle Reader.

Additional Activities

We had a wonderful time with Rachel who led us in a workshop called “The boy Who Cried Wolf”.  We were all able to take part acting as different characters from the tale before a few of us took on key roles to help Rachel retell the story to us all.

Autumn Term 1 – 2023


We have been learning about significant events and using chronological order to help us make timelines of the significant events in our lives.  We learnt about Jesse Boot and the significant changes he made to health care in Nottingham.  We enjoyed looking at some artefacts from the 1800s and using our observation skills to try and identify their uses.

Design and Technology

As designers we have been working with food to design and make Gazpacho. We can tell you what the main ingredients are, what makes it unique and which country it originates from.  We have learnt about hygienic practises in the kitchen and now know how to make sure we are properly prepared to work with food.  We have learnt different methods for preparing food including the bridge and claw holds, grating and peeling.  We also tried a variety of ingredients that can be used in Gazpacho and rated their taste, smell and textures.  We used this information to help us design a soup for Mrs Bee and Mrs Swift.


In science we have been developing our understanding of materials and the properties that make them suitable for different jobs.  First, we investigated a range of different objects and categorised them according to the materials they were made from.  We have been gathering properties to make a word bank to help us understand why an object is made from a certain material.  We created an investigation to help us find out which material was the best for cleaning up a spill and practised recording our results in a table.