In Spanish lessons, Rise Parkers applied Spanish language to cross-curricular learning about living healthily. In Year 3, we used our existing scientific knowledge of food families to make piramides alimentarias and in Year 4, we built on our existing topic work to create our very own Spanish #MrJonesInYourHomes PE work-outs for our friends! Meanwhile in Year 5 and Year 6, we used our cross-curricular literacy skills to write Spanish non-fiction reports about key events from Healthy Me week: our Picnic Sin Plastico and Dia de Campo.


Year 1

In year 1, we had a great time trying new things for Healthy Me week.  We drew around our friend and thought about what our body needs and different ways to keep it happy and healthy.

We read the book ‘My Monster and Me’ and thought about the ways in which we sometimes carry our worries around with us.  We made our own worry monsters so that we always have someone to share our worries with if we need to.  We helped our mental health by developing our teamwork skills.  We worked collaboratively in small teams to decorate some letters.  The next day, Mrs Mee had hidden all of the letters outside!  We went on a letter hunt in the sun to find all of the letters to spell the word HEALTHY.  We enjoyed having a taster of German with Mrs Husbands but our favourite part of the week was definitely sports day!  We showed our competitive sides, our determination, our stamina and we had a great time outdoors.

Year 2

Year 2 had a brilliant week for Healthy Me Week. After our whole school assembly, we read the story ‘Your Fantastic Elastic Brain’ and learnt about how amazing our brains are! They play such an important job in making us who we are and helping us to learn new things! We made our own brain hats and wrote some of the different skills, opinions and personality traits that we have.

We discussed how important it is to spend time outdoors and how this can positively impact both our mental and physical health. We made bird feeders to hang up around the school grounds to improve our outdoor space, whilst also providing a healthy meal for the birds.

As part of our science topic on Plants, we explored different fruits and vegetables that we can eat and which part of the plant they are.

As musicians, we listened to a range of different pieces of music and thought about the effect that they have on our feelings and mood. We then compiled our own Happy Playlists.

In English, we learnt about the inspirational mountaineer Junko Tabei and considered how she needed to prepare both her body and mind for the challenges of climbing to the summit of the mighty Mount Everest. We wrote a diary entry as Junko, using our senses to describe our mix of emotions and the breath-taking view from the top of the world!

Year 3

In Year 3, we based our learning all around dental hygiene. As Scientists, we set up an comparative investigation to replicate tooth decay in action when sugar is present in our mouths and observed the changes which took place all afternoon. As Mathematicians, we had a task to solve involving weighing the sugar content in various drinks and measuring the volume of liquid in each bottle. We learnt that in actual fact fruit juice drinks like apple and orange juice contained nearly twice as much sugar which disproved our initial predictions of fizzy coke all wrong. We then got creative as writers and wrote letters in role of the tooth fairy to inform others of how hard our job had become as children are not looking after their teeth with key advice on how to promote healthy routine. In PHSE and Shared reading, we look closely at the life of the Calypso King- Harry Belafonte and understand his mantra that people must use their voice for good to promote equality and change for all to lead healthy mindsets. We now know that being comfortable in the skin we are in is vital and we should be proud of being unique!

Year 4

During our Healthy Me theme week year 4 thought about taking care of mind, body and the environment.  We went outside and explored our local habitat, noting the plants and animals that lived there.  We then thought carefully about how gardeners could attract wildlife into their gardens, writing an explanation text.

We listened carefully to different types of music, and we discussed how they made us feel and we drew images to reflect our mood.

We enjoyed a craft activity of making tree hangings for the sensory garden.  We used recycled fabric which we tied to string.  This was very relaxing.

Finally, we enjoyed investigating the work of Mr. Doodle.  Doodling is a great of relaxing and we looked at his distinct style.  He doodles over everything.  We enjoyed creating our own doodles.

Year 5

As part of our Healthy Me theme week in year 5, we worked as a year group to refresh the school’s nature area, focusing on how it feels to set a target, work hard towards it and then achieve that goal. We created fence panel designs that reflected nature and tranquillity, before getting our hands dirty: we worked as a unit to scrub the old fence panels clean before sanding them down (learning useful future skills along the way). Finally, we carefully used outdoor paint to complete our designs and we were so proud of our work that we couldn’t wait to show our parents at the end of the day!

Year 6

Year 6 explored both physical and mental health during Healthy Me week. We looked at how to keep ourselves healthy both inside and outside and explored ideas such as having relax time, exercising and making good dietary choices. As part of our DT, we explored what makes a healthy balanced diet and looked at the Eatwell plate to see how much of each nutrient you should be eating in a day. Following on from this, we designed healthy burgers and sides using our knowledge of a balanced diet. We also took some time to relax by listening to different pieces of music and responding to them through art.