SMSC, British Moral Values and Global Citizenship

We aim to support our Rise Parkers to develop in many diverse aspects of life.  Careful analysis and discussion about our pupils’ backgrounds and life experiences, have helped us to identify four key drivers which underpin our curriculum and wider offer:

The Key Drivers:

  • Knowledge of the world
  • Possibilities and enquiry
  • Emotional awareness
  • Diversity

By focusing on the key drivers across both the curriculum and wider aspects of school life, we help to equip our Rise Parkers to successfully meet the challenges of the next stage in their education and lives:

We are proud to provide access to a wide, rich set of experiences, from swimming at the local pool, to visiting historic sites in areas of outstanding natural beauty.  Carefully planned and well-sequenced enrichment activities across the core and wider curriculum, and extra-curricular clubs, encourage a love of learning for all.  They also make it more memorable and fun to support retention!  Our provision tracker ensures that uptake of these opportunities is strong, particularly for our disadvantaged pupils.

We are proud that our curriculum gives our Rise Parkers the confidence and self-belief to lead a happy and fulfilled life, each taking their own ‘Steps to Success’ whilst being reflective and proud of their own individual identities.  Our pupils are proud of their British Values, Global Citizenship skills and the diverse society to which they belong and play an active part.  Our key driver foci ensure that SMSC development, fundamental British values and Global Citizenship skills are at the heart of all we do.  Read on for further examples of implementation and impact…

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Jubilee Dinner day

What a royal event our Jubilee themed dinner day turned out to be at the end of term! It was truly spectacular being able to come to school in our posh frocks whilst digging into our traditional roast beef dinners amongst the red, white and blue decorations showcased in the hall. Take a peek at the fantastic artwork that the School Council prepared for our special day. The Queen’s self-portraits were stealthily hidden all over the playground by Councillors Jamie and Robyn. I wonder how many Rise Parkers managed to find all 12 portraits? Hopefully you have also now learnt some interesting facts all about her majesty and our Capital city of London if you took part in the London Landmark quiz designed and carried out by the School Council members themselves. For example, did you know that the Queen is the only person to drive a car without a license or that pod 13 does not exist on the London Eye due to its superstitious value? Well now you do!


Jubilee Picnic Day

If this wasn’t enough to celebrate 70 years of service for our marvellous monarch, then take a look at some of the pictures of our perfect picnic that took place on the field on Friday. Each year group took time to carefully decorate flags and bunting which was hung all around school to mark this unique occasion. We started our afternoon by coming together as a school on the playground and parading the colourful banners that we had designed across the red carpet. Year 3 showcased Elizabeth’s furry corgi friends, Year 1 dedicated their design to your highnesses crown jewels whilst Nursey even made the majestic crown itself! We finished off our afternoon by celebrating this special day with games in our year groups followed by a tasty cupcake and juice! What a rememberable day in history for all and one that will never be forgotten!