“The decision to learn a foreign language is to me an act of friendship. It is indeed a holding out of the hand. It’s not just a route to negotiation. It’s also to get to know you better, to draw closer to you and your culture, your social manners and your way of thinking.” John Le Carre 

Language learning at Rise Park is rooted in a passion for sharing Spanish language and culture with a clear, sequential and consistent scheme of progression to foster our children’s reading, listening, speaking and writing skills.  The Spanish curriculum offers an opportunity for children to not only learn skills but to also make intercultural and cross-curricular links through its focus on a variety of topics and use of a range of authentic books, songs and poetry from the Hispanic countries linked to each year group’s class countries.

We believe language learning underpins the whole school curriculum and through learning languages, children learn to show an enthusiasm about and curiosity for the world. We aim for our children to be immersed in a school culture of language-learning, which results in the aspiration to be confident communicators and global citizens with a ‘give it a go’ attitude. 

Spanish Long Term Curriculum Map

Spanish Long Term Plan 2020 21