Summer Term Planning 2022

Areas of Learning (Wider curriculum links)

As readers we will be reading a range of fiction books about Sherlock Holmes called Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Diamond, to learn more about his investigations. As writers we will be creating a mystery story and a playscript to entertain our audience.

As Historians we are exploring how crime and punishment has changed during the course of British history from Anglo Saxons to the present day. We will be talking to a local police officer. We will look at primary and secondary sources and how they affect own view and understanding of the past.

As artists we will investigate street art, asking ourselves: is it art or a crime?

We will, as Scientists explore Living Things and Their Habitats.  We will investigate how animals are grouped together according to their features.  We will use classification keys to identify and sort living things as well as look at different habitats including our immediate outdoor environment and the animals that live there.

In computing we will developing our skills as animators and how to stay safe online..

As musicians we will continue to work with the music hub in learning to play the guitar, read simple music notation and explore rhythm and rhyme.

Spring Term Planning 2022

As readers we will be exploring the book Greta and the Giants.  We will be identifying and using the features of persuasive writing to write adverts for a local park, then, we shall write speeches as Greta to the Giants to persuade them not to destroy the forest. As readers we will read biographies to learn about the life and work of Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough.  We will read Coming to England and learn about the experiences of different communities within the UK.  We will write descriptions linked to characters in the book and of different regions of the UK based on our geography topic.

As Geographers we are exploring how land is used and how this differs in local, towns, villagers and cities. We will be studying how the land has changed over time and the importance of sustainability in our environment.  We will continue to look at maps and walk around our local area.  We will continue to use the 8 points of the compass and look at different viewpoints about the environment.t We will learn in more detail about the different geographical features of the UK as well as learning about rivers, how they are formed and their importance as well as the role of the water cycle.

As artists we will investigate printing, especially block printing by making our own blocks and printing onto different media.  We will be inspired by Indian block print and the environment.

We will As Scientist explore different states of matter to understand the different properties of solids, liquids and gases. We will also be learning about the key concepts of the water cycle.

In computing we will use computers to create a news report about an environmental issue linked to our geography and we’ll be creating and using spreadsheets for different purpose.

We will continue to work with Danny from the Music Hub learning new notes, rhythms and song whilst playing the guitar.

In PSHE we’ll continue to follow our Jigsaw programme by exploring our hopes and dreams and how to healthy, both physically and mentally.

During RE session we will be exploring pilgrimages in different faiths especially Christian pilgrimages to Lourdes and Hindu pilgrimages to the river Ganges.

Autumn Term Planning 2021-2022

As readers we will be reading a range of non-fiction books about Shackleton’s expedition to write a letter to inform people of our trip. Also, as writers we will be learning about the expedition to the Arctic by Matthew Henson and we’ll be writing diaries as if we were him. We will be writing a longer narrative piece based around the Anglo-Saxon story of Beowulf including setting and character descriptions.

As historians we are exploring how the Anglo-Saxons invaded and settled in Britain and the impact their way of life had on England.

In computing, we will further our understanding of how to stay safe online through an understanding of our digital footprint and recognising the influence of screen time on our health.  We will build on our knowledge of coding.

As artists, we will be using our photography skills, inspired by Frank Hurley to experiment with lighting composition. We will then use these skills to display our work in an exhibition to explore how site and situation can change the meaning of the work on display.

As designers, we will design and make a torch incorporating electrical components.

As scientists we will be exploring how different sounds are made and testing different electrical circuits.

Summer Term Planning 2020-2021

Spring Term 2 Planning 2020-2021

Our theme for this half term is based around the topic of Modern Day Egypt.  Through this theme, we will read stories based in Egypt and look at films and images of Egypt to develop our descriptive writing skills.  We will also explore different forms of poetry to express our opinions and write our own.  In geography we will use maps and aerial photographs to explore what Egypt is like and compare it to where we live.  We will investigate the importance of the River Nile to life in Egypt. In RE we will be continue to look at special journeys that we and others make with references to pilgrimage with a study of Lourdes.  In PSHE we will be thinking about keeping our body and minds fit and healthy.  In science we will continue studying states of matter through the water cycle and observing the processes of evaporation and condensing.  In ICT we look at how we can use technology to write for difference purposes linked to our topic as well as how to stay safe online. As designers we will begin to design and make a product from recycled waterproof material

Spring Term 1 Planning 2020-2021

Our theme for this half term is based around the topic of Our Environment.  Through this theme, we will read the story Greta and the Giants and write persuasive texts such as adverts and letters linked to improving our environment.  We will explore how people have different views on the issues of climate change and deforestation.  In RE we will be looking at special journeys that we and others make in our lives and why.  In PSHE we will be thinking about dreams and goals.  In science we will be studying states of matter through identifying solids, liquids and gases and what happens to them when they are heated and cooled.  In geography, we will look at our local environment, as well as the difference in towns, cities and villages.  We will continue to use maps and the 8 points of the compass. In art we will look at the impact street art has on the environment, as well as exploring colour and designing our own Throwies.

Autumn Term Planning 2020-2021

We are so excited to be back at school.  At the beginning of the Term we will be getting to know each other again.

Here are a couple of key pieces of information you need to know in light of Covid-19:

  • We will change our reading books every Wednesday, you will not be allowed to change it on any other day
  • PE will be on every Friday and you will need to come to school wearing your full PE kit, we will not be changing out of it after the lesson

Our first topic is all about Antarctica (the South Pole), we will be learning about the life and expedition of Ernest Shackleton.  We will also be learning about maps and how to read and draw them as well as following the 8 points of the compass.

Spring Term Planning 2019/2020