Summer 1 – 2024

Spring 2024

Our main topic this term has been Geography based looking at the question “what is it like to live in the UK?” We have looked at the 4 countries of the UK and different types of settlements, lik villages, towns and cities. We have look at human and physical features and enjoyed a walk into Bestwood Country Park.

We have also learnt about the key features that you would find on a river and looked at how we use the River Trent.

In Science, we have studied at the water cycle and experimented with factors that affect the speed of evaporation. We discovered that warmer environments increase the rate of evaporation. Look at our salt crystals from our experiment

In PE, we have been learning to play table tennis in PE and we have also taken part in a competition called “Me versus me”, where we measured our timings on different activities and challenged ourselves to improve. It was great fun and some people won medals too!

In music, we have continued to learn to play guitar and visited the Albert Hall for the Great Orchestra Experiment. It was amazing to listen to the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra and have a chance to join in.

In RE, we have learnt about pilgrimages and the different journey’s people might take as part of their religion. It was really interesting to find out about different people’s views and why these journeys are important

Our main history topic this term has been crime and punishment, and we started our topic with a themed day. We began with a Victorian courtroom drama, where the children dressed up and played the roles of different courtroom staff.  It was really interesting to find out how a courtroom worked. We then looked at the invention of fingerprints and how it made catching criminals much easier. We also had a visit form the local police to tell us what they do to help keep our community safe. We have looked a crime and punishment through history and discovered how brutal some punishments were.

In Science, we have been learning about states of matter. We know that things can be solids, liquids or gases and can explain the characteristics of each one. We have also learnt about heating and cooling and how this changes the state of objects, and used this knowledge to make rice crispy cakes.

In Art we have looked at street art and graffiti. We have learnt some letter writing styles as well as learning how to make cartoon characters out of everyday objects. We have looked at the wok of Banksy and made some Bansky style pictures of our own.

In PE, we have been doing gymnastics. We have been learning about different types of rolls and jumps, and then making a gymnastic sequence.

In Maths Intervention, we learnt all about money and how to solve problems with money. We ended our work with a trip to the shop to spend some real money!

Autumn 2023

Our central topic this term has been all about the Anglo Saxons, and the period during which they lived in the British Isles. We went to Perlethorpe to meet an Anglo Saxon and see how they lived. We have used sticks to write Anglo Saxon rune messages. We have also read the Anglo Saxon story of Beowolf and written our own endings.

During our Science lessons, we have learnt about Sound – how it is made, how it  travels, and how we could use different materials to muffle sounds and make them more difficult to hear. The children thought about how to alter the pitch and amplitude of sounds, and even took the time to grab instruments to demonstrate what they had learnt. We then used this knowledge for our DT project, where we designed and made a torch for a Polar explorer.

In PE this term, we have enjoyed learning how to work together as a team, and then using these skills to work on a dance. We have learnt how to do Bollywood dance moves and put our own moves together to create a routine.

In Art, we have looked at the work of a local artist Anna Collete Hunt, who displays her work at Nottingham Castle. We have looked carefully at butterflies and sketched them in detail, before designing our own clay butterfly. We decorated them beautifully and were really impressed with our finished butterflies.