Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy

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Record of Current Provision 2018

Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Rachel Mee. Mrs Mee has worked in school for over 10 years and is very experienced in all areas of special educational needs including autism and physical disabilities. Prior to a child coming into school Mrs Mee and Mrs Kelly will meet with parents/carers of individual children so they can be assured that the needs of their child will be met. This may include liaising with speech therapists, co-ordinating physiotherapy sessions in school or ensuring that the correct physical equipment is in school, for example wheelchair, rising table.

Mrs Mee has attended all of the recent training regarding the new legislation for pupils with SEND, including that relating to Individual Health and Care Plans. The school can also access the advice and support of, the Nottingham City Autism Team, Educational Psychology Service and Inclusive Education Service should there be the need to do so.

We pride ourselves in being an extremely inclusive school at Rise Park Primary and Nursery. If you have any concerns or issues that you would like to discuss then please contact Mrs Mee or Mrs Kelly on 0115 9153775.

OFSTED 2012 reported on provision for pupils with special educational needs:

” In lessons, the progress of disabled pupils and those with special educational needs is often good. However, when these pupils receive specific support their progress is outstanding. Specialist staff have a finely tuned awareness of pupils’ requirements particularly regarding dyslexia and early intervention stops pupils’ needs from escalating”.

“As a result of mainly good teaching and an increasing proportion of outstanding teaching, all pupils including disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs, achieve well over time”.