Welcome to Rise Park’s School Council page. Our School Council representatives are elected by their class to speak on their behalf during discussions that have an impact on the whole school. They act as a link, feeding back key information to their peers after meetings. The school council discuss and organise items such as charity events and the school newspaper along with on-going issues brought up by individual class representatives. Each class from Year 1 and Year 6 has an elected School Council Representative.

School Council Job Description

We are very proud to announce the new school council representatives for the academic year 2020/2021

Key stage 1

Ecuador – Hayden

Spain – Harry

Puerton Rico – Khaylen

Colombia – Tasia

Key stage 2:

Nicaragua – Mason (KS2 Chair Person)

Argentina – Sophie (KS2 Chair Person)

Mexico – Isabella

Dominican Republic – Kylah

Peru – Anna

Cuba – Kyefer

Chile – Jack

Costa Rica – Laura

Nicaragua – Megan

Argentina – Malique

Rainbow Pizza Party

The School Council would like to make dinner times a little different and as a result are hosting a one off dinner time party. They held discussions with their individual classes about the types of themes they would like to use and the types of foods they would like. Ideas ranged from fake away Chinese or Indian banquets to outdoor picnics which are all to mention only a few. However, after analysing the responses across school there was one clear winner requested by lots of children. Pizza proved very popular and the children were very keen to decorate the hall using Rainbow colours which is a lovely idea that links closely to the current COVID- 19 situation we face.

On Thursday 1st October 2020 Rise Park will be hosting a Rainbow Pizza Party at lunchtime. We would really love it if every child would choose to eat a school dinner on this day so that we can come together and celebrate.

There will also be an exciting opportunity for the children to enter a design a cupcake competition. The winner for each key stage will have their design baked by the cook and will be the dessert option at the party.  A letter will soon be given to your child with more details about this event.


School Council Newsletter Autumn 2 2020   Please donate at https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/riseparkchristmasjumperday