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Spring term - Tom's Midnight Garden and Around the World


The Spring term was another busy term in Year 5.  Read on to find out all about what we got up to......


As readers we enjoyed the novel Tom's Midnight Garden.  Using an image from the text, we used book talk and made inferences and discussed our ideas and questions in groups.  As a build up to our writing, we then used freeze frames to re-create scenes from the story.  As part of these, we then used hot-seating to question the main character in the scene on their thoughts, feelings and actions.  As writers, we created a new chapter for the story.  In the second half term, we also enjoyed reading Journey To Jo'Burg by Beverley Naidoo.  This is a tale of children growing up in South African apartheid.  Hot-seating and conscience alley helped us to explore the different problems each character faced.  We went on to plan and write a diary recount in role as one of the main characters in the book.


We marked World Book Day by joining our friends in Year 2, sharing our favourite stories with them.  Some of us brought in books from home....

As geographers we have explored the rainforests of South America.  We looked in detail at each layer of the rainforest and discussed how and why these are different.  We even created our own rainforest layers using different materials which helped us to understand which animals live there and why.  
As scientists we have investigated forces.  We explored the effects of gravity on unsupported objects by measuring the force in newtons using a newton meter.  We investigated the effect of air resistance where we asked the question: Which material is the most suitable for a parachute?  This led us to discussing how to set up a fair test where we were able to interpret our results and form a conclusion.  We loved finding out about Sir Isaac Newton and how his legacy still lives on today!
As artists we linked our art to one of our Spanish speaking countries: Chile.  Using a series of images we identified the typical features of Chilean street art and reproduced the images in our own style.  We used line and tone to represent figures and identify and draw simple objects.  Can you spot some of the common features of Chilean street art in the work below?
Using our knowledge of the rainforest, we planned and made a tapestry as design technologists.  We learned how to use both the back stitch and the running stitch, and put these into practice in our final designs.  Ask us about how to use each of the stitching methods!

Autumn term - Robin Hood

In our English lessons this Autumn, we have been doing lots of writing based on our MIDDLE AGES topic. We explored the legend of Robin Hood and compared different versions of the story. This helped us to write a diary entry for Robin Hood about his adventures at the Archery Contest. We also wrote our own stories based on the Robin Hood legends. As well as this, we spent time looking at what life was like for people in the Middle Ages, looking in detail at how life was different for the rich and poor members of society. We used what we discovered to write a factual report about everyday life in the Middle Ages.



Our next writing project was based on the poem, The Highwayman, which we used as inspiration to write a police report about the crimes that it describes.

To help us become fully immersed in our Middle Ages topic, we took a trip to Sherwood Forest (the location where Robin Hood is said to have been active) where we saw the famous Major Oak tree, heard more tales of Robin Hood and learned more about life in the Middle Ages. We also spent some time making pieces of Robin Hood-themed artwork on the forest floor, made completely from natural materials that we collected.

In Design and Technology, we linked our cooking project to our Middle Age topic. We decided to make Pottage which is a soup made from vegetables that would have been commonly grown and eaten by peasants in the Middle Ages. To prepare for this, we wrote our own recipes to follow before selling our homemade Pottage at the Autumn Farmers Market!

In Science, our topic has been Properties and Changes of Materials. We have had a term full of investigations to help answer our scientific questions, such as: Which type of paper is the best at absorbing liquid? Which materials will dissolve in water? Which type of biscuit makes the best dunker? How can different mixtures be separated? We also linked our Science to our Middle Age topic during STEM theme week, where we investigated which of Robin Hood’s arrows would fly the furthest by changing the number of fletching on the arrows.