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Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 page. Have a scroll down to find our newsletters and to see what we have been up to as a year group and school!

Spring Term


Ancient Egypt in Year 4



During the Spring term we have been using our history topic on Ancient Egypt as the basis for a range of cross-curricular writing. As the term began, we used our research in to the new topic to write an information text about different areas of Ancient Egyptian society, detailing how pyramids were built, and some of the different gods and goddesses that were worshipped in ancient times. We then created our own Egyptian gods and used these as the basis for a creation myth set thousands of years ago. Finally, we learnt in great detail how mummies were made – including all of the horrible bits – and used this information to write an explanation text. We read a range of texts together in class linked to our topic during the spring term, and learnt a great deal about the ancient civilization.

Design & Technology

Towards the end of term we began to investigate Ancient Egyptian diet, and we researched some of the different foods that would have been eaten by the people of Egypt that lived thousands of years ago. One of the most commonly eaten foods was bread – specifically, flatbreads – so we followed a recipe together in class and made our own updated version! We also used some basic cutting and chopping techniques to create a simple, fresh salsa that we could eat along with the flatbreads. Happily, our flatbreads had one major difference from those cooked thousands of years ago – ours did not contain traces of desert sand or grit to grind our teeth down!


Through studying maps found in a number of atlases, and looking at satellite images of the country on Google Earth, we learnt a little about the physical geography of the country of Egypt. We investigated where notable landmarks were situated, and used this information to complete our own map of the country. As we continued to learn more about the country, we learnt how important the River Nile is in regards to farming, commerce and transport, and we linked this back to our historical research. This culminated in us creating a farming calendar with which we could decide the best times of year to plant and harvest crops, dependent on whether the Nile had flooded or not.


As artists we studied some of the headdresses and burial masks worn by Pharaohs and other important Egyptian officials, and used this information to design our own burial mask, looking at the use of colour and thinking a little about self-portraiture. Linking back to our work on burial customs and the process of mummification, we also designed our own Canopic jars and lids, thinking about how these could be turned in to a sculpted version, and using our existing knowledge of the importance of Egyptian gods and goddesses.


Across the course of the spring term we investigated the different physical changes which can occur in matter, and we thought about the three different states: solid, liquid and gas. Through scientific investigation, we learnt a little about melting points, evaporation and condensation, and we began to use thermometers in a more precise manner to take readings and draw conclusions about different scientific processes.

Autumn Term


Exploring the Polar Regions in Year 4.



This term we have been exploring the frozen lands of Antarctic as part of our cross curricular topic. As writers we have been studying a selection of different text types. We firstly wrote persuasive letters in character of Shackleton to advise our crew members not to go on a second deadly expedition. We have also created and written our very own adventure stories to predict what might go wrong if we were to return. Mariah and Jaylen in 4GS decided that their crew would get lost in the darkness in a severe blizzard and need to find Shelter. Mheiia in 4MS wrote about her team getting lost as they travelled too far into Antarctica as it was uncharted.

Design and Technology

During this topic, we have also been designers and artists and have created many different things which would be useful for our Antarctic adventure for example we thought about what outfits we would need to wear to keep us warm whilst at the same time being fit for the purpose of exploring. Secondly, we also developed our skills of painting moving water focusing our attention on use of colour. We also really enjoyed, painting Antarctic scenes to provide inspiration for our writing this term.


As part of our Geography topic, we have been learning about what it means to be self-sufficient and really enjoyed designing our very own research stations with limited resources. We were really lucky this term as we got to meet a real life explorer called Felicity Aston who actually lived on a real life research station. During her workshop visit she let us try some of her clothing on and as shown below the children realised just how warm these clothes were. We even got to sample some of the food she took with and some of our children got to prepare the apple crumble for the rest of the class. Lots of us had many questions we wanted to ask her about her multiple trips to the frozen lands and we loved looking at all of her photographs and showing her the research stations we had designed.


In music, Year four we have been working hard to learn the ‘Papa Loves Mambo’ song on the guitars and we now know the names of many strings. In addition, our homework project this term was to design a musical instrument out of readily available resources from home. In class, we had a go at making our on entertainment up and composed a short song in small groups just like Ernest Shackleton would have done when sailing on the Endurance. We then made a mini show and performed this to the rest of the class.


We have been learning all about electricity and sound this term. During our lessons we have planned and carried out an investigation to see which material would disguise sound the most, imagined what life wold be like if we didn’t have ears and attempted to make complete circuits.