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Family Support Worker

Hello Parents/Carers and children of Rise Park Primary & Nursery School

I would like to introduce myself to you all as the new family support worker, my name is Hani Quinn and I'm looking forward to meeting you.

I am here to offer support to our families,  if you have any concerns, these may be in relation to child development, behaviour concerns, friendships issues, sleep management or issues at home, please contact the school office and we can arrange a confidential meeting for you to see a member of staff.

I will be continuing family events, coffee mornings and lots of fun things for you to do

Should you wish to speak with me you can find me in the school office or alternatively email me at or telephone 0115 915 3775 and ask for Hani Quinn

I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you.


Hani Quinn

Family Support Worker




KS2 Coffee Morning


Today we held a KS2 Coffee Morning, the school nurse came in to talk about any wobbles children or parents have now were back at school. It was great to have parents asking lots of questions and sharing strategies. 

Some great websites for parents and children: and 



September Coffee Morning


Today we held our first coffee morning since coming back to school after lockdown, we had some parents pop in for a talk with the school nurse about any wobbles their children have experienced coming back to school, we discussed a wide range of strategies to help them overcome the changes. It was lovely to see parents getting involved and swapping ideas.


A great website with lots of help and advice on mental health for children and parents is


September Coffee Morning KS1

Community & Family Learning Information

Parent Feedback


I liked how the Family support worker brought it back to the focus of the presentation and assured other talking at the end was available.’



‘ I felt I achieved something today by getting out of the house and going in to school to meet with other people in my sons school and being a part of a group.’



‘ I like how school are up to date on the courses they can provide for parents.’






Year 3 and 4 Reading Café


Thank you to all parents who attended our Years 3 and 4 Reading Café. It was lovely to see so many of you taking an interest in encouraging your child to read at home. We hope that  you found the tips useful to support you in reading with your child. Thank you for completing the feedback questionnaire’s that will help us to ensure that our future reading cafes cover what you feel you would like more support and guidance with to use at home. Have a great week and happy reading! Thank you, Miss Delahunty and Miss Lynch.

Targeted Coffee Morning

Here are some of our Rise Park parents who took part in our targeted coffee morning session 22/11/19. A big thank you to BST, Autism Team and Family lives for your informative and useful advice and tips. Thank you to all of you for your input, participation and feedback. Miss Delahunty.

Year 1 and 2 Reading Cafe


Another fantastic turn out for our reading café. This week’s reading café was for Year 1 and 2! Thank you to all the parents/carers who took the time out to come in and learn a little more about why reading is so important to your child’s learning and development. We hope you enjoyed the morning. Miss Delahunty and Miss Lynch.

Nursery and Reception Reading Café


Thank you to all parents who attended our EYFS Reading Café this morning. It was lovely to see so many of you taking an interest in encouraging your child to read at home. We hope that  you found the tips useful to support you in reading with your child. Thank you for completing the feedback questionnaire’s that will help us to ensure that our future reading cafes cover what you feel you would like more support and guidance with to use at home. Have a great week and happy reading! Thank you, Miss Delahunty and Miss Lynch.


Yoga and Well-being Session


Well done to all the parents that took part in the Yoga and well-being session today. The session was enjoyable to deliver and a real pleasure to see you all getting involved! The session received fantastic feedback and I am working on ways in which a similar session could take place again….Watch this space! Here are some photos of what we got up to.

Cyber Heroes Course


Thank you to this lovely bunch of parents and children who took part in the full 4 week Cyber Heroes course. Today was the last session and I have had great feedback in response to the course and we will be sure to have a new course on offer to all parents in the near future. If you didn't attend this course please come and give the next course a try! Thank-you, Miss Delahunty.

Parents' Evening


Parents' Evening October 2019 was a great success! Thank you to all parents, children, services and staff that took the time to take part and attend. Throughout the evening we had the School Cook team offering tasters from the school menu, Local services promoting what they have on offer in the community, School councillors handing out questionnaires and also doing a great job in supporting with other areas throughout the evening, along with a fun bean bag activity in the Key stage 1 hall and last but most certainly not least the well-attended school book fair! Please see photos of the evening. Thank you, Miss Delahunty

Reception Open Morning


Thank you to all parents who attended our Foundation parents reading morning today. It is always a pleasure to see our children and parents enjoying 1:1 time together and sharing enjoyment in reading. Please take a look at some pictures of the reading morning. Thank you, Miss Delahunty and Foundation staff team.

Reading Open Morning


Thank you to all the parents and carers that attended our Reading open morning. We hope you found the information useful and will continue to support school with reading with your child at home.

Macmillan Coffee Morning


We’d like to say a big thank you to all that supported our Macmillan Coffee Morning! Thank you to everyone who joined us, donated, baked cakes and of course an extra special thank you to our School Council for organising it all! We raised an amazing total of £272.01!

Cyber Heroes


Thank you to everyone that has been participating in ‘Cyber Heroes’ internet safety course. Today our children and parents worked together to educate themselves on Internet Safety and it was refreshing to see both parents and children paying an interest in keeping themselves safe on the Internet. Please take a look at what they got up too.

Reception Open Morning


It was a successful start to Friday morning with Reception parents joining us for our reading morning. This opportunity is running every Friday. For the parents that couldn’t make it today we hope to see you on another Friday at 9:00-9:15am in the classroom. Please see photos of what our parents and children got up to this morning. Have a great day and weekend! Holly (FSW)’

Family Fortunes

Yesterday some of the parents took part in the start of the 4 week family expenditure course we covered the Introduction to the course and helped each other along with understanding the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. The feedback we received from the parents' was that it was nice to meet other parents and feel understood by one another as they are all going through similar stages with their children. All parents who attended also got a lovely little gift for attending and for those that attend the full 4 week course will receive a voucher for full attendance!


Although the course has started, you are welcome to attend part way through the course should you feel that this would benefit you. If you would like to join us for the rest of the course or just attend a session please just give me a call or pop into the office. The following dates for the course are: 9th, 16th, 23rd July 1:00pm-3.15pm.


Thank you to those who attended the first week, see you all next week!


Holly Delahunty Family Support Worker)


Father's Day Breakfast


On 14th June and 17th June we celebrated Father’s Day with the children and their Fathers/Grandfathers/Carers. Our children made their Fathers/Grandfathers breakfast along with making ties for their Father/Grandfather as a gesture to  thank their Fathers/Grandfathers for all that they do for them. We would like to thank all the Fathers who attended and we hope that you enjoyed being waited on by your little ones if only for a short while.

Coffee Morning with School Nurse 08/05/2019 

The school nurse and a support worker came into school to talk to our parents and carers about any concerns they may have regarding their child's development. We discussed sleep, eating and behaviour among other topics.


Year 3 Parents and Carers in class for PE 02/05/2019

Parents and carers came into their child's class to take part in their PE lesson with Mr Jones. 

As you will see by the pictures we had lovely weather so they went outside and did a high energy but very fun warm up and then played a game of rounders.

All said they would really like to come and do it all over again!

Mothers day breakfast

Today we were overwhelmed with the response from our mums, grandma's and aunties who joined us in school to be served breakfast by their child and then take part in a lovely craft activity. We had 165 adults and their children attend and as you can see below it was a huge success.

Year 4 Parent PE lesson with Mr Jones.

Some of our parents joined us for tennis. They came along to take part in their child's normal PE lesson where they did some great warm up activities and then played tennis.

Year 4 Boys writing session

Parents and carers came into to take part in a writing session with their child with the aim of up-leveling their writing skills and therefore being able to support their child at home.

Year 1 reading breakfast

Parents and carers came in to read with their children and enjoy a light breakfast. There were various activities out for them to play with including books, phonics games and some the up coming phonics screening.

Times Tables Rock Stars/Online Safety

Our parents and carers came into school to learn more about Times Tables Rock Stars. The children in KS2 learn their Times Tables online in a new called Times Table Rock Stars. They can challenge their friends and earn to buy accessories for their avatar. A group of children gave a demonstration to the parents on how the app works.

We also had a discussion around keeping children safe online.

5FB Parents/Carers in class for PE

Parents and Carers joined their child in class for PE with Mr Jones. This half term children had been creating their own Haka and were joined by their parents and carers in the lesson. The children painted war paint on their grown ups faces and taught them their Haka.  Great feedback received including

  • A very good way to break barriers with others.
  • A really fun activity.
  • It was good to learn something different.
  • The activity was great! It made everyone feel involved
  • Really enjoyed having fun with my child in school

Time to Talk Coffee Morning 06/02/2019

It was National Time to Talk day on Thursday 7th February. In school we had a coffee morning on the 6th in school for parents and carers to come along and get talking about Mental Health. Mr Jones our PE Specialist spoke about the benefits of exercise and Mental Health. We were also joined by Doris Benjamin, our Link CAHMS worker to answer questions around children's Mental Health. Miss Meads, our Mental Health lead in school gave a talk including statistics regarding Mental Health. As you can see from the picture, the session was really well attended and we had some really positive feedback

Values, Money & Me with Bluebell Hill Trust and Nottingham Panthers 23/01/2019

12 Families attended the Nottingham Arena last night and took part in the Values, Money & Me session with Myself, Mr Jones our PE Specialist, Bluebell Hill Trust and The Nottingham Panthers. We had a tour of the Arena, including the Panthers dressing room. They then went in to the classroom and did some work around budgeting and being Eco friendly. Finally we all booted up and went onto the ice. As you can see in pictures, a great time was had by all!

Managing Emotions Coffee Afternoon 21/01/2019

This afternoon, parents from across the school came in to talk about resources for their children with Managing Emotions.

The session was really well attended and we have had some excellent feedback;

  • Lovely session, really informative staff
  • It was great to have some new tips and information on how to support my child
  • I have picked up some new ideas to try at home
  • I found this session really helpful thank you
  • I really like the Worry Monster, I will certainly be making one for home
  • It was great to take some information away, like websites to check
  • I would like to see a session where the children can join in so I can see how they are in school using the resources on offer.
  • Really helpful thank you

Christmas Crafts 10/12/2018

Today a few parent's came in to school and joined their child for a lovely festive craft acitivty in school. We made cards for the school choir to take over to the Over 60's lunch club.

As you can see, our parents got very creative.

Keeping children safe online with NSPCC

Wed 14 Nov 2018


We were joined today by the NSPCC to talk to parents about how to keep our children safe online.

Feedback from the parents

  • Very valuable resource
  • Was great to learn about O2 Guru's in every store
  • Was good to learn about KidsTube
  • Good links to follow for information


Family Values Money and Me at Nottingham Ice Arena 14/11/2018


Children and their parents joined us at the Nottingham Arena with Bluebell Hill Family to take part in a session about Family Values and saving energy. The parents and their child had a lovely time learning and then they went on to the ice for a lesson and some free skating

Year 3 Dad's 'n' Lads Rainbow Grammar Session 19/10/2018

Today we had a Rainbow Grammar session for our Year 3 boys. They were joined by their dad, grandad, uncle and even a relative over from Australia.

They found it really helpful, and it showed them how much the curriculum has changed in recent years.

Feedback from the session

  • Very interested to learn about the new way of teaching and how things have changed over the years
  • I have really enjoying seeing  how the children are progressing
  • It was good to gain the knowledge of what children are learning in English grammar and the expectations
  • I really enjoyed spending time with my son in school and seeing how he performs in class
  • The session gave me a really good insight into what they are learning in the classroom
  • A very informative session, thank you

Nurture Group  Coffee Morning

Some of our parents joined us for a coffee morning to discuss the topics and activities that their child takes part in with Mrs Watts in the afternoon. The child joins Mrs Watts once a week to support them in various ways to manage their emotions and feelings. Some of the feedback received from the parents;

  • It is a really good idea to take the children to give them 'time out' from their normal school day
  • I would like it if parents could join their child in the session to see how they are doing in the Nurture Group
  • To have the sessions more often, it's good to talk to parents that can relate.
  • Really happy this exists and I'm sure it will underpin useful skills for children at school and elsewhere.
  • Loved everything about the Nurture group. It's good to remind us as parents to help our children and not just tell them off!
  • Great resources, many thank you

Year 6 Parents join their child for PE

Today our Year 6 parents joined their child for a PE Lesson with Bowles. They had a great time but did question whether their legs would get them out of the school!

Foundation Reading Morning

Every Friday we invite the children’s grown up’s to come in and read with them for the first 20 minutes.  Today we had a focus on our emotions.

Foundation Open Afternoon

In F2 our grown-ups came in to see what we have been doing as part of STEM theme week. We were making boats and bridges to help the Gingerbread man cross the river and traps to catch him!

Year 6 Parents/Carers in for PE Lesson


Our parents and carers of Year 6 children came in to take part their child's PE lesson with Mr Bowles. As you can see from the feedback, they had a great time!

  • Dare I say it was fantastic! 8 years of coming into school and this was one of the best!
  • It was fantastic! Best thing school have done!
  • We all laughed and had a great time.
  • The children were laughing and really engaged with having parents in the class.
  • Really enjoyed the competitive sport with the children.

Macmillan Coffee Morning 28th September

We had a fabulous turn out for this years Macmillan Coffee raising £246. The school council did a brilliant job serving the parents and carers.

Key Stage 2 Open Morning

Parents and carers joined in the class today to take part in Maths. A great session was had by all..

Key Stage 1 Open Morning 18/09/2018

Many thanks to our parents and carers who joined us for our Open Morning today. They were learning Maths in various styles including Painting number bonds to 10, drawing in sand and PE with Mr Bowles.

Here is some feedback from our parents

  • We enjoyed learning new ways to help teach numbers
  • It was nice to see all of the things my son can do by himself
  • I enjoyed just spending time with the children and learning new Math methods
  • It was good to see what resources are used and joining in with them
  • Was great to see different ways of teaching
  • The energy of the kids willing to share their learning
  • Being able to see my boy in his school setting, it was really interesting to see what they do in class
  • Seeing the children have fun whist learning
  • It was nice to see how much they have come on since Reception
  • I enjoyed learning how to support my daughter at home
  • I enjoyed learning Maths through play



Years 3 & 4 Parents to lunch.

Today parents of our years 3 & 4 children joined us for lunch. They were served a lovely roast gammon dinner followed by a chocolate cup cake. Below is some feedback from the lunch:

  • Lovely balanced meal with a good portion size
  • Very well organised as usual
  • Dinner was really nice, roast spuds were a dream!
  • Another fantastic lunch, thank you
  • It was really nice to see the teachers interacting with the children and parents .Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have lunch with my grandson

Year 1 parents/Carers in school for lunch 02/5/2018

Today the parents and carers of our year 1 children joined their child for lunch. They had a yummy Roast beef dinner with a delicious Lemon drizzle sponge and custard. Feedback from the lunch was really positive as you can see;

  • I really enjoyed having lunch with my son
  • Lovely food, lovely company
  • Really enjoyed lunch with my son and his friends
  • What a brilliant concept inviting parents in for lunch
  • A lovely atmosphere
  • Pudding was amazing!

Reception Parents in school for Lunch 25/04/2018

Parents of our reception children came into school today to join their child for lunch. The parents and children really enjoyed their lunch, as you can see, especially the chocolate cupcake for pudding!

Year 1 Reading Breakfast 22nd March 2018


Today we had a reading breakfast for parents & carers of our year 1 children. The parents & carers joined their child for a light breakfast and then read a selection of books. Also out was a range of phonics activities for the children to play in preparation for their phonics screening in June. As you can see from the pictures we all had a lovely morning.

Some feedback from the session :

  • I loved reading with my son in school, he was so confident.
  • It was really nice to spend one to one time with my child in school
  • I have really enjoyed spending time with my son in his school environment
  • What a great range of activities!
  • We have both had a relaxed and pleasant reading time together this morning

Year 3 Dad Session Nov 22nd 

23 Dads, Grandads and Uncles came into school today to take part in a lovely session with their child in Year 3.

10 questions had been put up around the hall, the children and their adult had to find the questions and answer them. All of the answers were in a booklet that the children could refer to on the subject of Skara Brae.

After we had checked the answers the children and adults did cave drawings on a  long sheet of paper telling their story. Some did their family, some their friends, others their hobbies. The pictures are now on display in the year 3 corridor.


We had some wonderful feedback from the morning;

  • Enjoyed spending time in school with my niece
  • Loved doing the cave drawings
  • It was better than I thought it would be!
  • Enjoyed the way everyone was involved
  • The session was run really well
  • Loved the interactive questions

Reading Breakfast Reception Year group Wednesday 15th November 

We invited parents and carers from our two reception classes to join us for  a light breakfast with their child and have some time reading together. We had 29 parents and carers join us for breakfast with their child where they enjoyed, croissants, Brioche, muffins and fruit. The children were very excited and really did enjoy reading with their grown up in school.

Whilst they were here we also talked about the importance of filling the home school diary everyday.

As you can see from some of the feedback, we will definitely run the session again.

  • Really Enjoyed the session with the children, they had beaming faces and they loved the breakfast
  • I personally enjoyed the whole experience reading with my grandson with everyone around us
  • I enjoyed the format and the excellent way it was presented by all of the staff
  • It was lovely to spend time with my son in school
  • Reading together was great but I enjoyed telling him about my experience in the hall when I attended this school

Coffee Morning with an Emergency Paramedic Wednesday 8th November

Today we had an Emergency Paramedic come into school  to talk to our parents and carers about emergency first aid in the home. Paul covered topics such as choking, burns, high temperature and croup. All of those that attended said they felt they had better knowledge on how to deal with a first aid emergency in the home.

Macmillan Coffee Morning September 29th 2017

Today we held our Annual Macmillan Coffee morning helping to raise vital funds for this worthy charity. 

The school council help  organise with Mrs Mee and Mrs Long. They make it a whole school event.

The children and staff donated cakes for the coffee morning. It is open to the parents and carers, and the school council sell the cakes and raffle tickets.

At break time the children come in to the hall to buy their cakes. Altogether this year we raised over £500!

Macmillan 2017
Some school council reps ready to sell cakes
Megan helping Miss Scholten
Our lovely raffle prizes
Miss Rose and Mrs Husbands can't resist!
Yummy homemade cheesecake
Chace about to tuck in
Our lovely parents and carers

Whole school reading week.

This week we opened our school up for a week for parents and carers to come into school and take part in reading based lessons in the classroom. During the week we also had a sponsored read where children either read or listened to stories and raised money for some much needed reading books for school.

We had different year groups on different days and the feedback from the parents was very positive.

  • Was great to see the teacher in action!
  • Seeing my son’s little face when I walked into the classroom
  • Today’s session was fantastic! A great bonding session in my son’s classroom environment.
  • Was lovely to see my child enjoying school.
  • Enjoyed the one to time with my daughter and looking around the classroom.
  • Was nice to see how they learn they class. I would really like to take part in anything that helps the school and learning of the children.
  • This morning was lots of fun, thank you.
  • Was nice to spend time with my child without any distractions at home.



As you can see from the pictures the turnout of parents and carers in to school was phenomenal.

Feel Good Families with Life Education Centre

Life Education Centre came into school for 8 weeks to deliver a course around positive parenting. Each week we covered topics including behaviour management, praise and sleep. On the last week we had an Aromatherapist come in and teach the parents about Aromatherapy and how to hand massage. Every parent that attended received a free gift every week.

Reception Reading Breakfast 27/01/2017

Today some of our Reception children were joined by their grown ups for part of the morning to have a light breakfast together and enjoy some time reading. During the session our families also had a look at our Spanish Library. As you can see from the pictures below it was a very busy session but very relaxed and enjoyable. 

Some of the feedback received:

  • Really enjoyed spending time on school with my child and other parents
  • Reading together one to one was lovely
  • Was great to get more of an understanding of the reading diary
  • A lovely breakfast and quality time with my daughter
  • Was very interesting and good for the children to see parents in school

Sugar Smart Session with Year 1 January 18th 2017

Today Katie from the Nutrtion team came into school to deliver a session to Year 1 parent's and their child around being Sugar Smart. They were shown how to read food labels, the daily recommended sugar allowance and when the children joined in they played some games and did some food tasting.

All of the children tried a new food to them. The children and the parents really enjoyed the morning and learned a lot.

Family SEAL reception and year 1

For 4 weeks in school on a Wednesday afternoon, Life Education Centre come into school and deliver a course Family SEAL.

The parent/carer attend for 2 hours with the child coming in for around 30 mins.

The aim of the sessions are to give parents/carers ideas and strategies regarding behaviour, Moving on, Getting on and falling out amongst other topics.

When the children come into the session they take part in a fun activity. Below they making feelings cookies, They answer a question and make a face on the cookie to describe the answer. I think they enjoyed the part when they got to eat it too!

Parents/Carers in for lunch 

Throughout the academic year we have had Parents and carers in school to have lunch with their child. Every year group from Reception to year 6 was very well attended and the children really enjoy it when their grown up comes into school over the lunchtime period. Not only do they get a tasty roast dinner ( and delicious pudding!) but they get to go outside to play after.

School Council attend Local Area Group Meeting

Today our school councils reps came along to the Local Area Group meeting at Top Valley Academy. Both Sebastian and Leah have attended the meeting before. We discuss local issues with representatives from the local community including the Local Councillors, Rise Park Action group, Top Valley residents Group, Police and the church.

We feel at Rise Park that it is important to give our children a voice in the local Community.


Summer Fair June 24th 

A huge thank you to all who came along and supported our annual Summer Fair.

This year our theme was Being a Rise Parker in Britain. 

With your support we managed to raise over £4000!

The money will be used to support your child and purchase equipment for them to use in and around school.

Year 5 & 6 Values, Money and Me skating programme with parents, Bluebell Hill Trust & Nottingham Panthers

For 5 weeks some year 5 and 6 pupils came along in the evening with parents and carers and took part in a course Values, money and me. The sessions were run by Bluebell Hill Trust and the Nottingham Panthers and took place at the Nottingham Ice Arena.

9 families came and learned about budgeting and basic money management. The classroom session was for 1 hour and then the families went onto the ice for the final hour following the Skate UK programme with an Ice skating instructor.

At the end of the course the families had a full back stage tour of the arena, including the dressing rooms to the stars and the Nottingham Panthers.


Year 1 Reading Breakfast with Parents/Carers

On Wednesday May 4th we had Parents/Carers in form Year 1 to come along and have breakfast in school with their child. Whilst here they had a lovely time reading with their child whilst enjoying a scrummy breakfast.

As you can see the children really did enjoy the session and I hope to repeat this in the next academic year.

Dyslexia Coffee Morning April 27th

Today we had a coffee morning for parents/carers of children with Dyslexia. The session was to give information to families to help support their child at home. We have now agreed to try to have a session every month. For more information contact Miss Page or Mrs Long 

Dads session yrs 3 & 4 All about me linked with Spanish March 16th 2016

Today we had 34 dads, grandads, uncle, step dads and and male role models from years 3 and 4 in school to take part in a lovely session with their child.

They drew a gingerbread man and coloured him. The children  then looked for Spanish words to describe All about me. What they liked to do, eat, play etc. 

It was a really positive session where children got one to one time with their grown up doing a lovely activity.

I have ran these sessions in the past and they are always very well attended and the feedback is extremely positive.

Caden's daddy is a little excited to be in school!
The children working hard with thier grown ups
Anthony and his daddy using the Spanish dictionary
Bethany and her daddy working on their Spanish
Scarlett and Grandpa Joe

Keeping up with the children Maths

Every Tuesday morning we have a tutor from New College Nottingham in school to teach parents and carers Maths. Lynn runs the course for a total of 15 weeks where students can gain a Functional skills qualification equivalent to a GCSE grade.

Parents Evening March 9th 2016

Parents evening this year we offered tasting of healthy snack ideas. The children were really brave and tried lots of new food. Miss Walden from Top Valley Academy came along to chat with parents about transition to senior school.

Miss Ricmond and Mrs Morledge along with some year 6 helpers ran a most successful book fair.

Ms Richmond & Mrs Morledge with Yr 6 at Book Fair
Lilli and Leo with Mrs Bird
Starr tasting our healthy snacks
Ravinder guessing how much sugar
Chatting with Miss Walden Top Valley Academy

Nottingham Panthers assembly visit with Sam Oakford and Rob Lacowicz March 10th 2016


Today we had a special assembly with Sam Oakford and Rob Lachowicz. They both play for the Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey team. 

We had a whole assembly quiz and the children got to ask them some questions. After they went to visit our Nursery children. 

Sam Oakford & Rob Lacowicz of Nottingham Panthers
Dressing Courtney in the kit
Having a quiz in assembly
Courtney dressed in Panther kit
Sam & Rob came into nursery too

Sugar Smart Session for Year children and their Parent/Carer

On Wednesday March 2nd Kate and Amy came in to school from the Nutrition team at Nottingham City Care. 

The session was to talk about Healthy snacks and Sugar in food.

The parents did an activity where they had to guess the amount of sugar in different food and drinks. We were all a little surprised to find out the sugar contents in our daily food treats.

The Year 1 children joined their grown up and became food detectives for the morning. They had to discover different fruits and guess how they grew. 

During the session the children all got a chance to try some yummy healthy snacks. They tasted rice cakes spread with light cream cheese(They went down very well!!). There were carrots and cucumber sticks to dip in humus. Apple slices and pineapple chunks. Every child tasted the snacks and all were rewarded stampers for trying something new.

The session was a great success and following feedback from the parents we will be running other sessions during the year. 

How much sugar is in each item?
It's harder than it looks
Shocking results
Some children in session with their parents
A fun looking healthy snack
Find the fruits on the colouring sheet

Visit from Red Watch 05/02/2016


Today we had a visit from Red watch from Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue.

Some of the crew had a talk to parents and carers about fire safety in the home. The other members of Red Watch showed our Foundation children all around the Fire Engine. As you can see from the pictures below a great time was had by all!

Red Watch giving a safety talk to parents

Hot Chocolate

During the academic year we serve a nice healthy treat in the KS2 hall. During spring and summer we serve fruit smoothies. Autumn is milkshakes and Winter is Hot Chocolate.

Each morning during break Miss Brady and Miss Richmond serve these lovely treats to the children. Each year group know which day is their turn. Today it  was year 5. As you can see, it goes down very well!

Miss Brady and Miss Richmond serving hot chocolate
Marley and Cienna with the finishing touch...yummy
 Chocolate caliente!!


Our reception children had a nice treat this week when I went into class with them to make smoothies.

As you can see, the treat went down very well!

R.E.D T.E.D Coffee Morning 06/01/2016

We invited parents/carers into school to find out more about our reading initiative in years 1, 2 and 3.

There, we talked about the importance of reading with your child and getting them interested in books. We discussed the different ways of encouraging your child to read and different materials they can read besides their school reading book.

Also we discussed how the children can earn their R.E.D T.E.D bear and clothing and also the ultimate treat, afternoon tea with Mrs Slack and Mrs Kelly.


Christmas hair and Make-up 5 Week course in school

Intro to Hair and Beauty

Parents/Carers came into school for a total of 5 weeks with NCN to take part in a taster course for Hair and Beauty. They had lots of fun and learned new skills. 


Dad's SEAL session October 14th 2015 KS1.


On October 14th we had 35 dads, grandads, uncles and many more male role models in school to take part in a KS1 SEAL session with their child.

SEAL is Social Emotional Aspects of Learning. The aim of the session was to make a poster/picture about the child and what they enjoy.

The aim of the session was to promote positive engagement with male parent/carers in school and to join with an activity. As you can see from the pictures below the session was a great success and enjoyed by all.


We received extremely positive feedback from the session which has been placed on the Parent/Carer section of the website.


Macmillan Coffee Morning 2015 Thank you for your support over £550 raised...

Top Valley Academy in school.

On Wednesday 15 July we had Mr Shaun Kelly the Head Teacher and Miss Amy Walden, Head of Transition from Top Valley Academy in school for the morning to talk to parents regarding their child's transition to senior school.

We invited year's 5 & 6 to ask any questions they have regarding applying for the school to what do the year 7 children do on their first day.

It was a very successful morning and I hope to invite them back again next academic year.

Money Matters with Advice Nottingham

We had a great 7 week course run by Advice Nottingham. The aim of the course was to make sure people are aware of entitlement to benefits, debt advice, fuel debt, saving, borrowing and much more all based around money matters. On completion the learners have gained 3 credits towards the AIM award and all got a £10 Tesco voucher.

Year 5 session. Famiies information Service regarding transition to senior school

Two representatives came into school to talk to parents/carers about the application process for a senior school place for their year 6 child. 

Feedback from those who attended was very positive and I shall be inviting them again next academic year.

Dad's English workshop Year 4 and 5

Come and take part in our brilliant workshop on June 19th for years 4 & 5. Work with your child based around English making board games. Make the game, write the instructions, make the counters and dice.

It will be  a great session and all FREE!!

Look out for details...

Our Tree of Thoughts

Our Tree of Thoughts displays feedback from parents/carers who come into school for open mornings, parent/carer sessions. It is nice to read all of the positive comments.

All about me- A lovely craft session with Year 2 & 3 Dad's, step-dad, uncle's and Grandad's in school November 19th

Toilet Training

We have had a couple sessions now the Health Visitor regarding toilet training for pre school children. Parents come along and meet with the health professional to discuss any issues they may have mainly to do with toileting. I will be running these sessions throughout the academic year but if anyone feels they need supoort urgently then please do not hesitate to contact me

Keeping up with Children Literacy

In the new Academic year starting September 16th  we have Keeping up with the Children Literacy.

The course will run for 6 weeks and is completely free of charge.

The aim is for you as parents/carers to learn the "jargon" that the children are taught in school for example Phoneme, Phonic and many more. This will enable you to support your child with their learning whilst at the same time you could go on for a total of 16 weeks and gain a Level 2 qualification.


Macmillan Coffee Morning September 26th

Coffee Morning with Green Watch from Notts Fire Brigade

Parents/carers having a safety talk

Coffee Morning with Local Police

Chat with Police and Community protection officers
Chat with Police and Community protection officers
Chat with Police and Community protection officers

Breakfast with Dad

We had a lovely morning on Wednesday 9th July with 55 dad's in school for breakfast and to read with their child. Everyone had a lovely time and we will definitely run the session again.