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Eco Monitor Job Description


Pupil involvement is a key part of our Eco-Schools programme. ECO Monitors regularly assess the use of resources, act as re-cycling monitors, give presentations within assemblies and generally take ownership of a whole range of ECO projects, with the goal of inspiring the school to become increasingly sustainable and even more Eco friendly. All members of the ECO team are engaged in monitoring success, action planning and decision-making, leading to a wide range of whole school ECO projects, which aim to have an impact on both the school and the local and global community.



Eco Monitors – 2019-2020


Jack - Class 6L

Christopher - Class 6H

Troy - Class 5A

Kyle - Class 5C

Myla - Class 4K

Jayden - Class 4S

Lucy - Class 3S

Kyle - Class 3AB

Junior - Class 2A

Kylah - Class 2B

Alyssa - Class 1AM

Victoria - Class 1M