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Shelter Building!

Shelter Building! 1
Shelter Building! 2
Shelter Building! 3


In September, we started the year by reading Anthony Horowitz’s “Stormbreaker”. Working in teams, we recreated living life as a spy on the run, building a shelter from scratch using a limited number of tools. Many of our Year 6 pupils tasted success, working against the elements to construct their own hand-made accommodation.

Si5 Trip

Si5 Trip 1
Si5 Trip 2

In October, we travelled to SI5 in the city centre. Working in teams, we solved a variety of problems, working as spies in training. We even had the chance to complete a mission, saving the future of humanity itself!

Marble Run!

Marble Run! 1
Marble Run! 2
Marble Run! 3

In December, we worked together to save Christmas, helping Santa to deliver his stash of marbles by building a run across both 6A and 6H! We all had to work together, in order to allow him to move his marbles with ease. After a lot of trial and error, we succeeded: Christmas was saved!

Farmers' Market

Written by Abigail Riley, Jason Shelukindo and Ethan Deller:

The Farmers’ Market, which was held on 15th November, was a wonderful opportunity for Year 6 gardeners and chicken carers to showcase the delicious, healthy vegetables and produce that we have grown throughout the year. We also used the eggs from our beloved chickens which provided the main ingredient for the mouth-watering quiches – one of our most popular dishes at the event.

We also enjoyed preparing and cooking the spicy vegetable curry. We had great fun developing our cross-curricular culinary skills (like chopping, peeling and baking.)

We are now looking forward to using the money raised to buy new seeds and other gardening resources to develop and improve our next harvest.

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