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Year 5 Non-Negotiables


We have launched these this year to help us improve our writing.  We need to include these in EVERY piece of writing we complete as a minimum expectation.

Year 5 Non-Negotiables

Year 5 Non-Negotiables 1

Peer-Feedback Walls


These walls are helping us to give precise and clear feedback to others on their writing.  We check their work, using our steps to success criteria.  We write a kind, celebratory comment on what they have done well.  This is the 'tick' comment.  We then write an improvement prompt using the ideas on the display to help us.  Carrying out this process regularly and properly is helping us all to get better at checking our own writing for how it can be improved.

Once we have read and understood our feedback, we edit and improve our work accordingly.  This is done as independently as possible!

Peer-Feedback Walls

Peer-Feedback Walls 1 We are using our new displays....
Peer-Feedback Walls 2 They help us to give precise and clear feedback.
Peer-Feedback Walls 3 This helps us with checking our own work too!
Peer-Feedback Walls 4 We edit and improve after receiving the feedback.
Investors in pupils

Investors in pupils helps us to improve our behaviour, attendance, classroom management/ organisation, learning and also helps us to think about how to make new people feel welcome.  Our display shows our personal targets which all cover one of these areas.  We decide on our own targets and track our own progress towards these.  We celebrate in assembly if we achieve our targets.

We also have a class mission statement and a class target.  Our Year 5 class targets are focused on anti-bullying week this half term.  We have to complete 100 acts of kindness each week.  Let's hope we can keep it up!


Investors in pupils displays

Investors in pupils displays 1
Investors in pupils displays 2

Primary Parliament 2018...

A group of Year 5 pupils spent the day at the Council House, working alongside different schools, to plan, design and build our own safe and positive SMART community.

All the schools were paired up and given a different part of the community to create. Our group was given the community hub! We had to decide what its key function would be, who it would be for, decide on design requirements and assess whether there were any limitations and risks and what opportunities it could provide.

We created a three floored community centre complete with hall space, dance studio, library, computers, meeting room, café, sports pitches, parks, picnic area and a one stop support centre to provide advice on lots of issues including jobs, health and benefits. Our building had solar panels, recycling bins, nano fibre and water buckets under the turf to recycle rain water and a security camera to keep it safe!

In the afternoon we met the Sheriff of Nottingham and presented our buildings to the rest of the schools in the council chamber!

Primary Parliament 2018 edit.wmv

Still image for this video

Primary Parliament


Four lucky Year Five pupils were recently selected to visit the Council House to take part in Primary Parliament.  The key themes for the day were: Jobs for the future; and Making the country greener.  The children worked with pupils from various other city schools to design, build and market their own solar-powered vehicle.  They presented their prototype at the end of the day to everybody there, including The Sheriff of Nottingham!

Picture 1

Keeping Safe ideas from Year 5

100 acts of kindness

Year 5 have been trying to complete 100 acts of kindness in each class every week.  We started this as part of anti-bullying week, and the children have decided to continue completing these acts for their Investors in Pupils class targets.  The photographs below show the art work they produced which illustrates some of the acts they have been carrying out.


Picture 1
Picture 2

Middle Ages Tapestries

As part of our Middle Ages topic we produced some tapestries inspired by the Bayeaux Tapestry.  We practised the running stitch and back stitch, and applied these stitches in our final piece of work.  We were really pleased with the results.


Tapestries 1
Tapestries 2
Tapestries 3
Tapestries 4

Keeping Safe


In Year Five we have done lots of work on keeping safe, particularly when using the Internet.  Here are some reminders from the children about keeping safe:


Don’t meet up with people you’ve met online.  Speak to your parents about people suggesting you do.”  Leah


“Don’t post any personal information  – like your address, email address or mobile number.”   Emily


“I know that not everyone online is who they say they are.”   Kodi