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Bienvendos al Tercero Grado

Welcome to our Year Three class blog. We hope that by reading this you will get an insight into life in the prehistoric Stone Age as this is what we have been learning all about during the Autumn term. Additionally, we have added lots of work and homework projects completed by the children throughout the first half term, as they are extremely proud of their efforts and wanted to be given the opportunity to share all of their hard work with you. Have a browse at the range of photos below, to see what we have been up to at Rise Park.

¡Mira! Take a look at what we've been learning this term in Spanish!

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A day in the life of a textile designer!

Summer term 2018


We were given the opportunity to look closely into the life of a real life designer. In this workshop, we explored different sources of inspiration and how these can be transferred to design and create a whole collection of ideas. As a group we look through many of the designer’s portfolios and had a go at designing, making and evaluating a reusable shopping bag. Take a look at some of the below pictures to see what different techniques we learnt throughout the day.

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Year 3 Autumn Term ..


Welcome back to school. I am sure that you are feeling refreshed after a wonderful Christmas break spent with your families and friends. As the children thoroughly enjoyed our Autumn topic- the Stone Age, we will be visiting Creswell Crags in Worksop to get a glimpse of a real life cave. We will be involved in a variety of creative, role play and hunting activities to really get a feel for what life was like back then. Photos will most certainly be posted so keep your eyes out for any updates on our blog.

To kick start the Spring term we will be taken on a scorching, cultural and magnificent tour to the Caribbean islands as part of our Geography topic! Along the way, the children will be learning about how to identify the demographics of different countries, the climate, fair trade and food, rainforests, everyday life and much more. Our English Focus this term is based around a story called ‘Gregory Cool’ which is based on his trip to Tobago to visit his relatives. The children will then be writing a sequel where Lennox will return to Nottingham in their very own part two of the story. I wonder what adventures they might get up to in our very own city? Keep checking for updates to see what else we might get up to this term!

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Year 3 Wormery

We have been busy building wormeries as part of our rock and soil science project linked to the enquiry skill of observing over time. The children have loved getting to know all about our wriggly friends and we shared all about it in our Harvest assembly as we wanted to share with everyone how amazing these little creatures are and how they are ‘ECOSYSTEM ENGINEERS’. We found it really interesting finding out about the different ways worms are environmentally friendly including eating our scraps and creating compost for growing food.

Year 3 Wormery

Year 3 Wormery  1
Year 3 Wormery  2
Year 3 Wormery  3
Year 3 Wormery  4
Year 3 Wormery  5
Year 3 Wormery  6
Year 3 Wormery  7
Year 3 Wormery  8
Year 3 Wormery  9
Year 3 Wormery  10
Year 3 Wormery  11
Year 3 Wormery  12
Year 3 Wormery  13
Year 3 Wormery  14
Year 3 Wormery  15
Year 3 Wormery  16
Year 3 Wormery  17

Keeping safe- Year 3 children discuss keeping safe.