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Bienvendos al Tercero Grado

This term the children have been learning to write a set of instructions based on the story “How to wash a woolly mammoth” which links into our topic the Stone Age. The children were able to create a set of instructions on how to wash an animal of their choice. During our topic lessons, children have also been able to design and create a Stone Age dwelling out of clay, a model of Stonehenge and a visit from a man from the Stone Age. The children have also created Stone Age projects at home which we are very proud of.

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This half term in English we have been creating our own Mr Men and Little Miss stories based around the writing style of Roger Hargreaves. The children in year 3 have enjoyed creating a story map in chalk on the playground and inventing their own characters.

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Our Maths work this half term has had a focus on the four operations: adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

In Science this half term, the children have explored magnets and forces. They have compared how things move on different surfaces, sorted materials and investigated the strength of magnets. Children have also recorded their findings in tables and bar charts.

Keeping safe- Year 3 children discuss keeping safe.