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Attendance and Punctuality

Improving Attendance


Our Attendance Improvement Officer, Mr Mark Strumnik, worked extremely hard over the last term to improve the attendance and initiate incentives to encourage good attendance.


Our termly winners for the Spring Term 2017 are 4K. They had a wonderful surprise with a visit from the ice cream van during the afternoon of Wednesday 29th March. The children were very sensible when collecting their ice creams even though they were really excited. Well done 4K! Let's see who will win next term!


 In early January we received tickets from the Nottingham Panthers to attend the ice hockey match on 30th January 2016. The tickets were placed in a draw for the pupils who had 100% attendance in the last term, September to December, and the lucky winners were notified.


Mr Strumnik has previously arranged for football tickets to Notts County, pupils were entered into a prize draw to receive these tickets. We have other prizes to be won later in the year for 100% attendance pupils.


On the last day of Summer Term we presented Gold Medals to those pupils who had 100% attendance since September. We also presented Bronze and Silver medals to those pupils who had attended for one and two terms respectively.  Once again Aquinas Education donated a bike to reward excellent attendance in 2015-2016. Those pupils who had an attendance of 96% and above were entered into a prize draw to win the bike. Congratulation to Riley Tobin who won the bike this year.


During the year the House Trophy is awarded each half term to the team with the most points for attendance. Attendance certificates are awarded each month, half termly and termly for 100%, along with the end of each term the pupils receive badges and pencils. 


We also monitor the class attendance on a weekly basis, the highest attending class of the week is awarded a Class Trophy to keep for the week, this appears to be a highly competitive award and results are published below!


Many thanks for your continued support with encouraging attendance.

Congratulations Riley Tobin in 1A, the winner of our Excellent Attendance prize draw. Riley has managed 99.4% attendance this academic year.

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Weekly Attendance September 2016 - December 2016