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Class Targets

Each class has their own target which is set by the whole group. This is to help them develop skills and achieve difficult goals. For example 6A’s target is to earn one jigsaw piece per week but in year 1 they have to line up sensibly at the end of all playtime.


Individual Targets

We also have individual targets. Each child from Nursery to year 6 have their own target to work towards which lasts for around 6 weeks.  For example Jessica Riley in year 2 has a target ‘to take responsibility for learning her 2, 5 and 10 times table.’


In Foundation 1 the children earn a tick on a tick sheet to show their progress.  Foundation 2 have tick boxes next to their photos to  monitor their progress.  In KS1 the children move their photos on a display to show the progress they are making. KS2 have target cards which are then ticked off when they have achieved part of their target.

Classroom Displays