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Sporting Ambassadors


Sporting Ambassadors

Rise Park Sporting Ambassadors require a of qualities, below are a list of qualities and some job descriptions required when taking up the role of a Sports Ambassador:


Qualities/Skills Required

  • Must be approachable and have a good relationship with all children

  • A positive role model and a good attitude towards learning and playing sports

  • Be a good team member

  • Able to engage and inspire others

  • Must be organised and be a good timekeeper


Our Sporting ambassadors have been carefully chosen and show all of the qualities above. Their job role is very important throughout the school and below you will see a list of jobs our Sporting Ambassadors will undertake throughout the school year.



  • Advertise and promote the school theme 'UP AND ABOUT'

  • Run lunch time activities on the KS1 Activities

  • Help run and organise the Intra house competitions

  • Be ready for other Sporting needs throughout the year 




Below you will see a document that indicates the Roles our Sporting Ambassadors play in our school and the qualities needed to be a Sporting Ambassador.
Here's what our Sporting Ambassadors have been providing this year...

KS1 Playground Activities Every Monday and Tuesday


Sport Relief - Run The Mile Challenge - Support and Help


Legacy Challenge Launch and pupil support