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Shadowing Staff

What do the staff at Rise Park do?


As a part of our work on Investors in Pupils the school council decided to find out a little more about what the staff did.

They chose certain staff for various reasons e.g: they were new ,experienced or in charge of people. The school council then fed back to their class to give them some ideas and interview questions. They asked the children to volunteer to “shadow,” then interview a member of staff. In some cases it meant staying behind after school to interview a cleaner or before school to interview Mrs.Orange, who runs the breakfast club. Here are some comments from the children- “Mrs Orange has to stay after breakfast club when the children have to gone to clean up.”-Grace

“She also comes back at lunch time as she also has two jobs to do and she is also is a dinner lady!”-Patrick

“I didn’t know that our ECO monitor took work home to plan for the next lesson.”-George

“ Mr. Brady, our care taker gets to school really early in the morning so he has to put the heating on.” Liam.

“Mrs. Slack has loads of jobs to do in the day. Her job seems hard and she has lots of folders in her office!”-Kieran