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School Council 2019 - 2020

We are very proud to announce the new school council representatives for the academic year 2019/2020.


Key stage 1

Ecuador - Maisy

Spain - Cole

Puerton Rico - Renee

Colombia -Mia


Key stage 2:

Nicaragua - Blake (KS2 Chair Person)

Argentina - Christian (KS2 Chair Person)

Mexico - Oliver

Dominican Republic - Darcee

Peru - Simran

Cuba - Jayden

Chile - Ruoling

Costa Rica - Riley

Nicaragua - Lexie

Argentina - Jessica

What have the School Council been doing throughout 2019-2020?

In mid -September the School Council went on a trip organised by the WE Movement Project which was held at the Nottingham Theatre Royal Centre. The purpose of this visit was to inspire and encourage young people to champion positive changes in the communities to make our world a better place to be and improve overall wellbeing. We were lucky enough to listen to speeches from famous key speakers such as Vicky McClure, descendants of Martin Luther King and many Paralympians which shared their experiences of making a difference to other people’s lives.



Once we returned to school, the team reflected on the most important messages from our trip and designed our own mission statements that we wanted to base the upcoming year around. The following six ideas were the ones we thought were most relevant to the children at our school and the people in immediate environment- Feel good, supporting global organisations, everyone has the right to voice, spreading positivity and kindness, trialling new experiences.

All of these important ideas have been showcased on our new display board. The team decided they wanted to take ownership of prioritising announcements they wanted to share with the staff and children across school. The pupil voice section has also been very successful in allowing children to ask questions or raise concerns they have. One of the main impacts of this is that the team planned and delivered 3 after school clubs as requested by year 2, 3 and 4.



At the beginning of the year we also decided we would like to change the Sports Ambassadors images to make their role more effective and for the other children to identify them easily. Consequently, we designed lanyard badges for them and gave them a new uniform.


At many of weekly meeting, we were keen to think of innovative ways that we could give up our time to volunteer and help others. We visited our local nursery and shared stories with them with the intentions of supporting them to read. Lots of the team also gave up their playtimes to do the same ting with the younger children at our school. We have also given up our time to help support local charities such as food bank donations.


We realised that to be most effective at installing change we would like support from likeminded individuals and as a result we have reached out to other local School Council teams that belong to local primary schools in our area to help us with our missions. Next year, we will meet with them regularly to discuss key issues the children feel strongly about in attempt to unite and action change in society. Unfortunately, some of our plans have had to be rescheduled for next year due to the school year being disrupted. We have many projects in store for the next year such as the Walk for Water Project. The children will raise money for global causes to help developing countries access clean water supplies. We will do this by walking a huge distance to replicate the journey made to the water wells by children who live in economically developing countries.

Many of the plans we had for this year will take place in the next academic year and we cannot wait to see how they unfold. As always, our agenda always incorporates the children’s ideas and is very much governed by the conversations and ideas generated in our weekly meetings. Watch this space closely to learn about how we champion change or keep an eye out to be updated on our half termly newsletter- which will be written be the team next year!




Councillor Merlita Bryan


Nottingham’s local Councillor Merlita Bryan visited us in school to find out more about the role we play in school. We were really inspired by the decisions she makes in the city to make it a better place for all.







Theatre Royal Visit


The School Council have thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the Theatre Royal today which was a show ran by a variety of guest speakers. We were really lucky and listened to speeches by many famous people such as Martin King the third and Vicky McClure. The purpose of the WE project is to spread advice about maintaining a positive wellbeing, promoting social action and being appreciative of our own individuality. During the day, many schools shared good practise about the good deeds they have completed in their school already. This hopefully has empowered the younger generation who were listening to make a difference both in our local communities and globally.


Now that us superheroes have been given the skills on our tool belt we are inspired to use them back at school with the intentions of changing the world one little step at a time! We have already begun thinking about our own 6 mission statements that we would like the whole school to get on board with so watch this space carefully!