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School Council 2018-2019

We are very proud to announce the new school council representatives for the academic year 2018/19.


KS1 Chairperson - Jack

KS2 Chairperson – Roshini

1AB Representative - Alfie

1M Representative – Corryn-Faith

2A Representative – Jack
2B Representative - Lacie
3M Representative – Aysia-May

3W Representative - Zak

4GS Representative – Rehaan

4MS Representative - Lola

5C Representative - Amy

5FB Representative - Silas

6K Representatives - Eshaan

6H Representative - Miya

Summer 2019


Once again this term, we asked the children at Rise Park to have their say about things they really liked and things they would like to change. At our last meeting we discussed what things we could put into place and took our main ideas to Mrs Kelly in a meeting. Mrs Kelly was really impressed with many of our ideas. Moving forward into the summer term, Rise Park will be thinking about renaming the classes using a given theme which will be decided at our next house team assembly event. We would also like to buy some more books for our libraries based on a few requests we have had. Finally, we are going to arrange some language drop in sessions run by many of our children that speak additional languages as part of golden time activities since many of us want to learn to speak different languages.

All of our fabulous and hard fund raising work has finally paid off this week as the Key Stage Two canopy is officially open. Not only have we been enjoying using it in the sunshine, but we have also been reading some big books in it too. These books were placed here in response to the pupil voice survey we recently conducted. Many children at school wanted more equipment out at playtimes so this is what we did to try and keep the children at Rise Park happy. We hope that many of the class teachers will start to use this space to do some outdoor learning as summer arrives. We know that Year 4 were busy spotting different types of angles earlier this week!

School Council Autumn Newsletter