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Rise Park Marathon

The Rise Park Marathon is a really simple way to measure the fitness of children throughout the course of a school year as well as promoting other key factors including healthy lifestyles, community engagement and competition. It also links in with the Schools Mini Marathon that takes place for the year 6 pupils on our Sports Day.


Pupils get the opportunity to run around the track that is marked on the school field, the track measures 262 Metres Approximately, completing 6 Laps of the track equates to 1 Mile. Pupils are encouraged to run the Rise Park Marathon in their spare time and during P.E as a warm up. Pupils laps are recorded and over the course of the school year pupils are able to see how many miles they have run. Throughout the school there can be added competition with classes running the most miles in a month and even year.  Pupils are able to compete against others and even themselves to achieve personal bests.


Most importantly at Rise Park we want children to be understand the need to be active and at the same time enjoy being active. Hopefully the Rise Park Marathon will achieve this and much more...

Below you will see pictures of what data the pupils will see on a monthly basis to see how they are getting on personally, as a class and how the other classes are performing.
Below you will see pictures taken of pupils who are enjoying running our Rise Park Marathon.