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Pupil Conferencing 2015

In order to gain valuable insight into impact of our sports specialist, Mr Gray, at Rise Park Primary, it was decided that a sample of pupils should be interviewed to give their thoughts on how P.E has been developed over the year. A sample of pupils from each year group, across KS2, were

questioned about their thoughts on P.E, including the importance of participation, as well as the role Mr Gray has in their learning and P.E development. Children were asked to explain their views on new initiatives brought into school and what they would like to see as possible improvements.


1. On average, how many times a week do you do P.E in school? 

All children responded that most weeks they complete P.E at least twice a week.


2. Do you enjoy P.E activities at school? Explain

Child A – I like P.E because you are active and get to have lots of fun Child B – I like P.E because it wakes you up when you are feeling tired.

Child C – I like P.E because it keeps us fit and it’s fun.

Child D - I like P.E because it keeps us fit, it is fun and allows us to be more energetic

Child E – It allows us to play games

Child F – It’s fun to do

Child G/H – You get to play fun games


3. How important do you think it is to bring your P.E kit to school?

Child F – It’s important because if you don’t bring it then you are just wasting time.

Child E – It stops our uniform from smelling and being sticky as we can’t do P.E in our uniform

Child G – If you didn’t have your P.E kit you would just be watching and missing out

Child H – You must bring your P.E kit because it means you can get fit


4. Do you encourage others to take part in P.E? 

Child H – Yes we are taught to encourage people like today with Commando Joe we were cheering and clapping people

Child G – I try to encourage people if they are feeling down, I say to them “come on you can do it”

Child E – I try to encourage others to join in

Child B – I think we need to encourage because we want to do activities and keep healthy

Child D – Yes because sometimes people need encouraging to get fit

Child F – If we encourage they more people get involved in games

Child A – it means that more children get outside and gives more opportunities to teamwork


5. What P.E activities and games can you get involved in at school?

Children gave a list of activities and sports that they can get involved in including;

 basketball

 hockey

 dodgeball

 rounders

 football

 basketball

 tennis

 games at lunchtime including the hoops and throwing and catching

 some children get to play games with play leaders

 there is always a rota so that it is fair for all children


6. Do you understand that P.E and school sport helps to keep you fit through a balanced healthy and active lifestyle? 

Child H – yes because we have learnt that it gets your heart beating faster

Child A – it helps to make our muscles stronger, especially when we are stretching

Child E – it helps the blood go round the body

Child B – It helps to keep us active


7. Do you take part in an extra-curricular club in school? Can you give some examples?

Children were able to give a comprehensive list of extra - curricular activities that are provided at school or are given links to via school. The list included;

 Commando Joe

 Choir

 Top Valley Dance Academy

 Salta

 Tag Rugby club

 Rolle Hockey

 Football club

 Basketball club

 Gardening club

 Rise Park Football club (ran by parents on school field)


8. Do you get regular opportunities to reflect on your learning and improve your skills? 

All children responded Yes but some children explained;

Child A – After every activity Mr Gray or our teacher asks us how we have done and what improvements and changes could be made Child F – Mr Gray asks what we could improve on


9. Are you given opportunities to learn new skills and techniques from other people? 

Child B – sometimes it’s children and sometimes it’s adults but with both we can be shown a new technique. If a child is showing a new technique it is often because they are good at that skill.

Child A – I remember when we were doing the Haka in year 4 and Mr Gray gave us some websites that we could go and look at to help us improve before the next P.E lesson


10. Do you enjoy P.E more now teachers work alongside Mr Gray? 

Child E – Yes because we now do more fun and different activities

Child A – We now get to do smaller group work, getting opportunities to work both with teachers and Mr Gray

Child F – We are given chances to work more as a team in smaller groups

Child H – We can work in groups and not alone and also we are given more challenges to help us to get better.

Child D – I think it is better now because we are told to work harder on different skills


11. Do you feel you have made progress in P.E with the new skills you have gained and the techniques Mr Gray has taught?

Child B – We are now given more challenges

Child E – it’s better now because the challenges are often timed and more fun

Child A – I think that it has worked for me because the new skills have encouraged me to get better and always strive for more.


12. What are your thoughts and opinions of the new challenge mile that Mr Gray has introduced?

Child A – Some children don’t run at playtime so it’s a good opportunity for them to get faster and fitter. I like to run around the track at playtimes though because it helps me get better. Child B – I like doing the run because it helps me get fitter and faster and also gives me more confidence in what I can do

Child C – I think it is a bit hard for me because of my asthma but I keep trying to push myself to get round quicker

Child D – It gives me more energy and pushes me and other children to get fit

Child E – It’s good because it helps me keep fit and healthy and gives me a challenge to push further. Also, it’s not a race with others; only with myself.

Child F – I find it painful sometimes because I get a stitch but it’s good that you get to help each other and encourage

Child G – It’s a bit hard as we are only given five minutes but it is keeping us fit

Child H – It’s a bit hard but I enjoy it