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Walesby - Year 4 Camp

Before we broke up for the May half-term, Year 4 took thirty-eight of their most intrepid and adventurous pupils on a one-night residential visit to Walesby Forest scout camp. The children took part in four excellent activities over the course of the two day visit: long-range archery, indoor climbing, a crate-stack, and a          hair-raising ride on a 3G swing! Everyone who attended camp - including the staff! - took part in all of the different activities, at a level with which they felt comfortable. During the evening of the trip, children enjoyed a barbecue food dinner, before getting their best party clothes on to go and dance at an outdoor disco. The weather whilst Year 4 were away was fantastic, and the children also spent a great deal of time engaged in physical activities around the camp site, even inventing a new game - frisbee volleyball! The behaviour of all thirty-eight children was excellent, and Mr. Shadbolt, Miss Scholten, Mrs. Watts and the rest of the staff that went on camp would like to thank the children for being true Rise Parkers whilst we were away - thank you!!