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Farmers Market

It was great to see such a fantastic turnout at our Autumn Farmers Market and we are sure you will agree that the children have worked very hard! The children have worked hard in gardening groups to grow the produce that is then used in making the products for the farmers market, including; carrots, potatoes, rocket, cress, parsnips, onions, beetroot and lavender. We also have our chicken monitors who take great care of the school chickens and help gather the eggs which were also used. Some of the things on sale this year included:

- Potato Wedges
- Spick Parsnip soup
- Vegetable Soup
- Apple Crumble
- Beetroot cake
- Lavender bags
- Cress heads


We are looking at ways to develop the farmers market for the Summer term and are hoping to offer opportunities for parents and carer’s to sell their own produce and homemade items.