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This term the children have enjoyed our Maths Monday sessions. On this day the children work in small groups with Mrs Morledge or Miss Martin playing maths games/ accessing maths activities- these activities are linked to number, shape, pattern and measures. The children particularly enjoyed our pirate counting game, they had to roll the dice and move the counter the correct number of spaces, developing their 1:1 counting, number recognition and 1:1 correspondence. The children have also been developing their understanding of subitising. Subitising is when you do not need to count how many objects there are, you know/can see without counting.


This term we have focused on improving our indoor provision for maths. We have added numerals onto pots and baskets, so that when it is tidy time the children can help put the correct number of objects into the pots. The children are getting really good at recognising the numerals and knowing how many more objects they need to complete the set.


During our register time we also incorporate maths. We have been encouraging the children when they enter Nursery to put their photos onto the tens frame. We then look how many children are in the class that day. We subitise and count the number of photos on the frame. We have also been counting the number of children having school dinners and comparing it to the number of children having pack lunches. We have been discussing where there are more/fewer. The children have been developing their reasoning skills by explaining how they know there are more/fewer packed lunches or school dinners.


Take a look at the photos below for a little insight into Maths in Nursery...


This term many of our themes have been based around stories. We have chosen the children’s favourite stories to learn. We have taught and read the following stories; Ten Little Pirates, Pirates Love Underpants, Goldilocks and the Three bears, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, The 3 Little Pigs and Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you Hear? The children have enjoyed re-enacting the scenes from each of the stories and the children have been trying hard to remember and use the words from the stories. They loved using our story stones to re-enact the stories!


This term the children have been working hard to practise writing the letters in their name during group time. The children have also been completing writing/mark making independently during play session time. When the children have completed their writing they put it in a special super writers box. We then look at the writing together as a class, discussing and celebrating their work.


Please see the photos below…


Understanding the World

Understanding the World is a curriculum area in the EYFS that incorporates the strands; People and Communities, The World and Technology.


In Nursery this term the children have learnt about the roles of police, fightfighters, nurses, doctors, vets and many more! For Aspirations week the children loved having different visitors in, the visitors talked to the children about what they do as their job and what their job role entails. The children listened so carefully. The children enjoyed talking about what job they want to do when they grow up! 


The children in Nursery have also been helping to look after our Guinea Pigs Cooper and Bruce. They are great at brushing them and checking that they have enough food and water.

See the pictures below. How cute are our Guinea Pigs!



Learning through stories - Our planning is closely linked to children’s interests. We try to link themes to stories. This term one of the stories which the children really responded too was The Gingerbread Man. Outdoors the children played together to act out the story. They used the pine cones and wooden logs to create their own Gingerbread Man. Miss Parlett showed the children how to make a gingerbread dough. We looked at a recipe and followed the instructions. The children worked together to create their own storybook.

Fire Engine Visit - This term we have been learning about people who help us. Our children were extremely excited when Arnold Fire Station Green Watch brought a fire engine to our school. The children listened carefully as the firefighter talked about the fire engine and all the tools which it carries. The children had the opportunity to climb and sit in the cabin, as well as holding the water hose. When the children returned to Nursery their imaginative play outside linked closely to the visit. They created their own water hose and played together to act out their own stories.

April/May 2018- We have enjoyed watching the tadpoles and learning all about their life cycle. We can't wait for them to turn into frogs!

What a great day we had today. We had lots of fun rolling our eggs. The decorated eggs looked fantastic!

World Book Day today was fantastic! We loved seeing your outfits from different book characters. We read lots of stories on the carpet together.

We have been learning about Chinese New Year! Two parents kindly came in to tell us about their special celebration and brought fortune cookies for the children to try.

We had a brilliant time in the hall doing a drumming workshop! We sung different songs whilst we drummed along. The songs included; 1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive, Down in the Jungle and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We enjoyed making loud noises and quiet noises.

We've had a fantastic time in Nursery this week. We loved our Christmas party on Thursday. Jolly Jingles was so funny. We enjoyed playing party games and eating party nibbles. Father Christmas also came and left some presents. Yay! Thank you Father Christmas!

Christmas faces.mp4

Still image for this video
Look at our Santa faces! We look so funny!

We've enjoyed learning about people who help us!

Look at what we've been digging up for our Farmers Market! Great fun! We made vegetable soup.

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