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Extra Curricular Activities

Here at Rise Park we provide lots of opportunity for After School Sports Clubs.

Extra Curricular Clubs are structured activities that have a focus on learning new Technique, Skills, Rules and most importantly a great way to collaborate together. There are many Benefits of After School Clubs these include:


- Offering a broad range of sporting activities to pupils who have played before or total beginners.

-Can link with local sports teams offering pupils other alternatives to get involved with sports outside of school.

- Engage pupils physically through activities and games.

- Engaging pupils minds, Stimulating them with challenges.

- Improve pupils Coordination and Control through a variety of activities and games.


Below is a list of Activities we have provided so far this year with some pictures of the pupils taking part.


Autumn Term:

Boys Football

Badminton - Year 5

Fencing - Year 6

Multi Skills - Agility, Balance, Coordination - Year 2


Spring Term:

Boys Football - Year 6

Fencing - Year 4

Multi Skills - Agility, Balance, Coordination - Year 1

Fencing - Year 3

Table Tennis - Year 6


Summer Term:

Dodgeball - Year 1

Fencing - Year 3

Tri Golf - Year 2

Handball - Year 5


See Pictures in the relevant sections of the website.