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Class Budget

Each class has their own budget.  Each term, every class gets £30.  At the end of the term each class decides to either spend the money, or roll it over to the next term. They choose what they spend their money on. For instance one class may want to go to the cinema, have a party or even have a special treat.  We asked every class what they wanted to spend their money on at the end of the term. Here are a few suggestions

  • 1M and 1A used it towards their Christmas party.
  • 2B and 2C used it towards their Christmas party.
  • 3A wanted some wet play games and some party treats.
  • 3A want a summer picnic, some golden time games and a Christmas party.
  • Year 6 are saving towards a possible end of year treat.


 How it works

In each class if you lose a pencil it will cost 5p, a handwriting pen is 7p, a whiteboard pen is 15p, a ruler is 7p and a pritt stick is 67p. This is for every class including reception.  We see how we are doing on a board like this...