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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 

In Maths, we have been building our knowledge and understanding of the key areas of place value, addition and subtraction, and money this term. We even did some tricky maths in Mandarin for European Day of Languages! We have used lots of practical resources to develop our skills and help us to independently tackle challenges with confidence, such as tens frames, Base 10 equipment, place value counters and part-whole models. Our problem solving skills are really improving and we are beginning to explain our reasoning more clearly. We are taking control of our own learning, as our teachers ask us to choose challenges depending on how confident we feel. This has really encouraged us to use self-assessment and think about our own understanding. We have been able to combine our skills of column addition and using money to buy some new Golden Time games with our Investors’ money!

In English, we are really enjoying developing our reading skills in our exciting new reading corners! 2A have loved reading in the jungle and 2B have enjoyed lots of books on the beach! We have also explored a huge range of books during our Shared Reading lessons. Some of our favourites have been The Lost Happy Endings and The Most Magnificent Thing, which linked to our wonderful work in STEM week. On Roald Dahl Day, we looked at some of the amazing books written by Roald Dahl and designed our own dream jars for The BFG. We are now choosing our own reading book on a Tuesday, so we can enjoy a book that we really like the sound of, and our teachers change it again on Fridays. We have also done some amazing writing this term. Some of our highlights have been superhero character descriptions, a non-fiction report about our brilliant trip to Sherwood Forest and instructions for making our shape mobiles. Our vocabulary is really growing and our writing definitely isn’t mediocre! Keep checking Twitter for our word of the week!

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Our topic this term has been Around the World and we started by looking at the local community and all the places that there are to visit. We explored Sherwood Forest on our trip and brought in lots of photos of other places that we have been in Nottinghamshire. Using Google Earth, we have looked at our area and zoomed in on our school. We couldn’t believe how small it looked! We also studied our country and planet, drawing maps and using atlases. We learnt all about the equator, different climates and why England can have such rubbish weather! Having explored our local area a little bit, we have also researched famous explorers that have been on adventures all around the world, such as Christopher Columbus and our visitor Simon, who brought in lots of equipment that kept him safe up Mount Everest. We have learnt not just about where we live, but also about lots of different living things and their habitats. At Sherwood Forest, we were able to search for animal homes and also had a go at making some of our own. In Science, we had a fantastic time observing our eggs and watching the chicks hatch. Hopefully, we will soon be able to see them in their new habitat - at school! We have explored lots of celebrations from around our world, writing stories about Diwali, creating artwork and poetry for Bonfire Night and designing and sewing stockings for Christmas. It’s been a busy term!

Great Fire of London Project

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London’s burning, London’s burning! A fantastic end to our Great Fire of London topic as year 2 recreated the fire in our playground. Did you guess that we were creating houses for it last week?

Homework Project Letters

SATs Parents' Meeting 19th November 2015