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Welcome to Foundation 2! no 

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Dinosaurs in School?!

Dinosaurs in School?! 1 We spotted some footprints...
Dinosaurs in School?! 2 Who do they belong to?
Dinosaurs in School?! 3 What do they lead to?
Dinosaurs in School?! 4 Mysterious Eggs!

Christmas in EYFS2


Thank you for all of your hard work so far monkeys and tigers! Also, thank you grown-ups for your continued support.
We have had a lovely few weeks - our nativity was a huge success, we have had a great time with Jolly Jingles (see photos below) and showed off our dance moves at the party. However, we have also been working hard with our writing (we hope you loved your Christmas tree cards!) and Maths. This will continue next year with the addition of some booster groups to give children a little extra support, particularly in Literacy. 


Obviously we have changed reading books this week, but it would also be great to see some reading of stories at home too - at school we love 'Olaf's Night Before Christmas', 'The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas', 'The Snowman' and 'Careful, Santa'. 


The first week back will begin with a dinosaur theme as lots of the children have talked about them and we have lots of exciting things planned - please check back for updates and photos smiley


We hope that you all have a great festive break and a super new year.


Merry Christmas!

Jolly Jingles

Early Excellence Outdoor Play Project