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Enterprise Week February 2018

We had a fantastic time enjoying Enterprise Week 2018.  We started with house team activities where we celebrated all of the things that we already love about our school (there were a lot!) and then we created tile designs to show the things we love the most.

Throughout the week, every child has created their own ceramic tile using special pens.  We hope to display these on the outside of our school building.

Also, every year group had their own theme to improve our school which they centered their work on during the week:


  • EYFS1 - To design an attendance hero and a chart/display for the heroes to climb/finish.
  • EYFS2 - Create a new healthy dinner to add to our school menu.
  • Year 1 - To create a new friendship zone for the KS1 playground.
  • Year 2 - To create a plan for some lunchtime games/clubs.
  • Year 3 - To think of a feel good companion/pet suitable for year groups 1 - 6.
  • Year 4 - To design a perfect midday supervisor.
  • Year 5 - How can we improve after school clubs?
  • Year 6 - How can we make school more aesthetically pleasing from the front (including the school office)?


Every year group really embraced their activities and we enjoyed seeing what everyone has been doing during Friday's celebration assembly.

Have a look at all the fabulous things that we love about our school!